August 2006 Pictures


Where were the Cockmans this month?

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August 4... We came down on a Friday night to sing at Bible Tabernacle Church's 33rd Annual Missionary Camp Meeting in Ruth, NC. The weeklong meetings were held in the open-air arbor. Ronald Spencer of Grottoes Virginia was the guest preacher. Ministers from dozens of countries were represented, and no one was sent home empty handed.

27th Annual Missionary Camp Meeting
29th Annual Missionary Camp Meeting
30th Annual Missionary Camp Meeting

August 4, 2006

33rd Annual Missionary Camp Meeting

Ruth, NC 

Latecomers set up in the back of the arbor

Caroline and I sing with Brother Joe Greene looking on

Praying for the Sick

Worshiping the Lord

Mama makes some friends after the meeting.

I ran into old friend Nathanial Holmes and daughter Emma.

August 5... We were happy to be at the 50th Annual Mount Mitchell Craft Fair in Burnsville, NC. This festival has gotten bigger each year! The sound was provided by the talented Carolina Quartet, and we loved walking around looking at all the crafts.

Crafts Fair 2001
Crafts Fair 2002
Crafts Fair 2005

August 5, 2006

50th Annual Mount Mitchell Craft Fair

Burnsville, NC

Alright men -- stomachs in, chests out!

Arwen and Lorien watch Scott Whitener do his thing.

The Carolina Quartet

Cockmans at Burnsville

Bouncing on the Euro-Bungies

Butterpats at Burnsville

August 6... The Cockman Brothers made the trip to beautiful Altapass Apple Orchards on the Blue Ridge Parkway. After the singing we were treated to some ice cream! Bill and Judy Carson run this place along with the help of some great volunteers. We love visiting this wonderfully scenic landmark.

Altapass Apple Orchard 2005

August 6, 2006

Altapass Apple Orchards

Altapass, NC

Altapass Apple Orchards

Me with Bill and Judy Carson in front of a model of the original Altapass train.

Cockman Brothers at Alatapass

Getting ready for the singing

An apple fairy?

Arwen, Lorien and Joseph find a swing in an apple tree.

August 12... We sang to benefit the Caldwell County hospice at Mackie High Funeral Home in Granite Falls, NC. We were afraid we might get rained out, but the weather cleared in time for our concert. An area church provided hotdogs and hamburgers, and an ice cream vender provided some great refreshment.

August 12, 2006

Hospice Benefit at Mackie High Funeral Home

Granite Falls, NC

Billy and Kenny Deese wait for the ice cream truck to show up

Sound-check on the corner

Sam and Lydia sing "If I Love My Brother."

August 13... This was our second time at Dayspring Community Church. We are grateful for Pastor Steedley for inviting us back. The church had a nice crowd for their homecoming, and the dinner afterward was one of the best! Grandma Cockman came with Caroline, and we had a very nice morning here.

Dayspring Community Church 2005

August 13, 2006

Dayspring Community Church

China Grove, NC

Mama and Grandma Cockman

Jeremiah, Arwen, Sam, Lorien and Lydia in the nursery

Rustically beautiful Dayspring Community Church

August 17... Camp Meeting time again at Balls Creek! This Methodist Camp Meeting has been going strong since 1853. We sang on a Thursday night to a full house! After the singing we enjoyed walking around the loop and visiting with all the "campers".

Balls Creek Camp Meeting 2000
Balls Creek Camp Meeting 2001
Balls Creek Camp Meeting 2003
Balls Creek Camp Meeting 2004

August 17, 2006

Balls Creek Camp Meeting

Catawba, NC

Lydia and Sam sing at Camp Meeting

Daddy with Rev. Jones and Alan Brown

Timothy Cross warms up on the piano.

August 20... We all made the trek out to Knifely Kentucky to visit Floren and Julinda Morrison and sing at their Church. Floren and Julinda are the parents of Ben's fiancÚ Melissa. They put us up in their house, and cooked several huge meals for us. The church also provided a wonderful covered dish meal after the Sunday service. We were glad to meet Melissa's friends and family in beautiful Russel Springs, KY. We also got an appreciation for the twelve-hour, round-trip drive that Ben makes nearly once a week!

August 20, 2006

Lighthouse Tabernacle

Knifely, KY

Daddy with Melissa's Dad, Floren Morrison.

Cockmans at Lighthouse Tabernacle

Our cousin Emily Osborne plays the piano

Daddy with Pastor Bill Warren

Caroline and Melissa

Ben and me

Ben and Me with Floren and Brother Ray

Lydia and nephew Thomas Cross

Ben with Floren and Melissa

August 27... Sunday the Butterpats gave a solo concert at the Salisbury Church of God. We were helped out by the Edwards Family. Connie Edwards' father is the pastor of the church, and he preached a short sermon between two sets by the Butterpats. The Edwards Family backed us up on "Jesus Loves Me", and Shane helped us on the bass for about half our songs. Afterward they took us out to IHOP!

August 27, 2006

Salisbury Church of God

Salisbury, NC

The Butterpats with the Edwards Family

Me with the Pastor and Robert Poe

The Butterpats get some help from Shane Edwards