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Susanne Hastings
Fort Myers FL, Fredericksburg, VA, back to Sherrills Ford, FL, VA, NC

Your old neighbor on SF RD 1990's, I just found your tape from back then, excited to see you August 12 on Campground Road. I just moved back to the area (near my son). I sold our 1870 (Cepheus Jones farm) next-door to you on Sherrills Ford Road in 1993, moved back to Sanibel Island Florida, then Fredericksburg VA.

Butch Bost
Lexington, SC

I enjoyed picking my banjo a little while with John and John Jr at Union Grove on Sunday on the porch of the store, and also with Ben, Billy, John and David a couple of times in the barn. My favorite thing of this year's festival was Billy's arrangement of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." I got to hear him play it twice. What a beautiful gift of worship to our Lord and Savior! Thanks Billy!

Andy & Debbie Hennings
East Bend, NC

got to see the family at Fred's in Banner Elk. Always a treat such a talented family. The concert was wonderful. It was a blessing to see all of the family and see the talent that everyone has to share. Thanks and keep up the good work

Perth, Western Australia

Hi family. Just found you on Spotify. Fantastic 'grass sound, which isn't a common Aussie sound. Love your music.

Ron Lowry
Knoxville, TN

We met you briefly while at the Terrace-Lake Junaluska on April 3. On the parking lot you gave us a CD-"Dedicated". We were blessed as we drove home listening to your music. Thank you for generously sharing it with us. Hope we get to hear you in concert. Please add us to your mailing list,
His blessings.
Ron and Barbara Lowry
Rom. 8:32

Henry Coggins
Lowell, North Carolina

I had the privilege of meeting John at Appalachian State back in the 1990's. We lived in the same dorm-Gardner hall. I can remember John coming down to the lobby and practicing with his fiddle and singing.I enjoyed it so much that he brought me one of your CDs I still have the CD, I play it very often. It's the Angels Unaware CD.I just wanted to try to reconnect because John was an outstanding young man whom I remember as loving music, his family, and the Lord.I was also curious if you had any other CD/DVD. I saw an episode of the Arthur Smith show today and that got me curious if you had a website. I will definitely take a look at the dvds and hopefully might be able to come to a singing... God Bless.

Donald Powers
Henrico, Virginia

Just watched you on Song of the Mountains on PBS and thoroughly enjoyed it! God bless you!

Pam Thomas
Forest, VA

What a blessing your beautiful song, Eyes of Love, is! I heard it on the radio and did not want it to end! Beautifully written and sung. Do you sell sheet music or accompaniment tracks of this song? Thank you.

Andrew Williams
Anniston, Alabama, USA

Thoroughly enjoy the song "3 o'clock Prayer"!! I am interested to know if there's a story behind it? Is it based on an actual event? Any and all hell would be appreciated !! Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

Lupton, MI
We have been airing your music for a long time.  Fantastic is the word to describe it.  Yesterday a man called the station saying he heard a song and he JUST HAD to get a copy of it.  It turns out it was "Know That You Know". So I sent him to your site.  Thanks again for the great music.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello to all,
    How are you? Happy Easter to you! I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends! Please come back to Raleigh or Garner to perform again! God Bless You! Love, Kavitha
P.S. I've put myself on your mail list, so please send newsletters and reply notes to that email from here on out! Thanks!

Glenda Freed
Landis, NC

I saw you perform at AL Brown High School in Kannapolis tonight.  I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. It was such a blessing. God Bless You!!!

Gary L
Catawba, NC
Dear Cockman family,
What a privilege to hear you at Center UMC today. I knew I liked bluegrass/gospel, but hearing it live for the first time up close and personal - what a blessing. May He be pleased to continue to bless you in your music, families, and ministry. Thank you!

Esque, North Carolina

Heard you all several years ago at Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro. Have all your recordings. Hope to get to the concert at Kannapolis on April 5th. As a banjo and guitar player I particularly admire Billy and Bens work on banjo and guitar along with Caroline's beautiful  singing. The superior musicianship of the whole group is amazing. Keep up the good work. Mike Esque, Archdale, NC

Max Lovegren
Clatskanie, Oregon

I was blessed to see you folks on an airing of "Song of the Mountains" recently.
I instantly jumped online to find out more about you all.
I'm hooked on your music and intend to keep listening.
Thank you for providing music worth listening to.
God Bless

Roger williams
easley, south carolina

Would love to see you all im from Russell springs ky live in sc used to visit my aunt where floren Morrison lived and and thought the world of that boy would love to see all

Ron Riffe
Cedar Bluff, Virginia

I met each of you and heard you perform numerous times in a little church in Hanover Pennsylvania.My father was the pastor.His name was Buck Riffe. Although it's been many years since that time,  I still listen to recordings of your group left by my dad after his passing. I want you all to know what  an impression you have made on my life through your music and testimony.

High River, Alberta, Canada

 I`ve discovered your music & website thru the latest issue of Flatpicking magazine & the article on Ben.  Wonderful performances, inspirational music.  Where did you record the most recent CD? It`s so well recorded & mixed.

Dick & Diane Mayr

We attended your performance at St. Luke's Catholic Church last Saturday evening and were totally blown away by all the talent in your family.  It was a joy to hear the awesome music and to experience the faith and friendship shown by your family.  It truly moved us.  Thank you for bringing such happiness in this troubled world by your wonderful music!  We hope to hear you again next year. 

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, NC

Hello everybody,
Thanks for a lovely performance in Garner. I have no words to describe what a wonderful time I had listening to you all sing. Nice meeting some of you and I hope to see you all again! Have a wonderful day! God Bless You! Love, Kavitha

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, NC

Dearest Cockman Family,
How are you all? I cannot wait to come to your concert and meet all of you. I hope you can bring your entire family along! I hope you are doing well.
Dear Sophia, How are you? Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your birthday, and I hope to meet you too! I hope you and your family are well! May God Bless You! With lots of love from, Kavitha

Brent McPike
Terre Haute, IN

Congratulations on your flatpicking championship at Winfield Saturday! It was great to meet you and to hear you play (and sing). Sweet Georgia Brown was one of the first jazz standards that I leaned from my grandfather. I've been playing it for about 35 years, but I never heard anyone cook it the way you did!

Dale Gober
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

To Ben and all the Family,
Congratulations on your win in Winfield.
I was in the audience and was first impressed and awed by your playing. Then I was blessed by your desire to use the win song for a testimony. Your win was the highlight of my visit to Winfield. May God Bless your family and continue to reach others for the Lord.
Thanks for a great Winfield memory.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, NC

Hello to my dearest Cockman Family,
How are you all? My mother and I are planning on coming to your concert in Garner, NC in October. It has been a long time since we ever met you and came to your performance! I only met you after seeing your Christmas show from 2003 once I put my name on your list. I sent some pictures from my trip to Myrtle Beach, and my cat Chinu and I hope you are able to look at all of them! Have a wonderful day! I look forward to meeting you then! Love, Kavitha

Bryan Sink
High Point, North Carolina

Ifirst saw you on song of the mountains and really enjoyed.Ihave ordered the 25 year ann. cd like it. I would like to thank you for quick processing. I love the Lord with my whole heart and strive to serve to my best. It is great to have such talented people as you guys in my home state who use their talent for Christ. May God richly bless you.

Barbara Cockman Wendel
Richmond, Virginia
Laurel Hill UMC

Today at the church where I work we received a brochure about Lake Junaluska. When I saw that the Cockman family was performing I was very curious. I family is from Carthage, N. C. and by grandfather was Lewis Graham Cockman and my father was June Cockman. Any relation....? It is the first time I have ever seen the Cockman name other than Carthage. I look forward to seeing you perform sometime. Blessings on your ministry of music. Barbara Cockman Wendel

Wilson Hembree
Tucson, AZ

God bless you richly as you continue to be such a blessing to all that you minister too through music and song. Have a great day. Wilson

Verma Moore
McAlester, Ok

I heard you on TV tonight and really enjoyed listening to you... Thank you and God Bless

Danny R. Foye
Green Cove Springs, Florida
We purchased the "Dedicated" CD from you last year in West Jefferson and wanted to buy one for a friend at our church for the song "Know that you know". We will be in Deep Gap on July 5th so we plan on coming to West Jefferson to purchase that CD so please have a copy saved for us.

kyle rhodes
wilmington, nc

john and jane, i came to hear the band at merlefest 2014 as i am learning the fiddle and have been inspired by john jr's online lessons. what good fortune to have discovered your entire family. the music was among the best i heard at merlefest. i bought the "all about love" cd and it is awesome. my favorites are "the answer is Jesus" and "what sins". great writing (david) and vocals (caroline). thanks to john jr. for the photo and hope to hear you again.

Dennis Jones
Whitsett, North Carolina
I had a great time at Kannapolis with you guys and at our church on Sunday the 13th. You blessed all of us again. Thank you for all years we have listen and watched you grow you have been blessed and used by our Lord and Saviour. We praise Him for the two souls that were saved at this service. I love you guys thank you John and Jane for the nice card it was a joy sharing time with you! In Christ Dennis

ray hurley
maiden , nc

You guys are the best!! I heard you on the radio twice last week!!!
John can I bring a physics class to app on the 3rd or tenth of April??
say hi to grandpa john from me and congrats to Ben on new family. WTG!

Dennis Jones FBC Whitsett
Gibsonville, North Carolina

Dear Cockman family looking forward to April 13 and seeing you again. John I just watched your new dvd Christmas at Lake Junaluska preacher Tim let me look at the one you guys sent him. It was a wonderful performance the grandchildren have grown so much unbelieveable! These 20 years have been swift but makes a large leap on our lives I can remember when the guys and Caroline were very young. In saying that me and you looked a little younger also haha! There has certainly been a lot going on in the Jones family. I guess preacher Tim told you about my oldest son Jamie getting hit by a softball playing in Albemarle. He had life threatening head injury, fractured scull,blood clot,brain swollen we but for prayer and the grace of God he almost died. He has not worked or can drive for (3) years now. I retired in august and found out I had renal cell carsanoma cancer in my left kidney. They removed kidney,adrenal gland,and a mass in my stomach size of a grapefruit. God is good all t!
he cancer so far was in my kidney so I did not have radiation or chemo. Please pray for me I go back April 2 for test to make sure there is nothing still there. Love all you guys looking forward please let me know if its anything I can do for you, we are rejoicing here had (15) people saved in the last (2)weeks In Christ Dennis Jones

Dear Cockman Family,
How are you all? Happy Valentine's Day to you all! What are you going to do today? I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and are free from illnesses and maladies. I will certainly try to come see you all when you come to Garner, North Carolina in October, 2014 since I live near Garner, and I have always wanted to see you all and meet you all! Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you all someday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARWEN! God bless you! Love, Kavitha

David and Georgia Ralston
Cocoa, Florida
Saw you Song of the Mountains on public tn station in Florida. You blessed us. Thank you for the great gospel music and the new music. 3 o'clock and Acres of Diamonds were amazing. I just want to Thank You was also very good. God bless you all.

Patricia M. Allen
Mims, Florida
My husband & I so enjoyed your performance on TV's Song of the Mountains tonite. I just had to look you up on your web site. you have certainly been blessed with much talent and thank you for sharing that gift. Hope to hear the Butterpats too someday.

Ronnie Dennis

Wilson Hembree
Tucson, AZ
God richly bless you as you keep up the good work, "spreading the Good News" and living "the life" as you go from place to place. I do remember the times that we were so blessed to be with "the Cockman's". Would love to see all of you again. Our prayers certainly do include "The Cockman's". God bless your family. Wilson

Polly Clark
Charleston, SC
I was at Lake Junaluska on Dec. 14 and heard your family for the first time. Your family talent and closeness made the music more meaningful. I bought your 25th CD and am enjoying it, remembering you in person. I hope sometime you are in or near Charleston so that I can hear you in person again. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

John Marshall
Plainwell, MI
Sure would be great if you all came up north and played, maybe in Southwest Michigan. A lot of bluegrass and gospel lovers around here.

Mary Jo Prescott
Jefferson, GA
Saw you at Lake Junaluska Dec. 14th. It was absolutely marvelous - loved the whole family singing. Such a talented a beautiful family. Thanks for promoting family and Christian values! Merry Christmas!

Mary Jo Prescott
Jefferson, GA
Saw you at Lake Junaluska Dec. 14th. It was absolutely marvelous - loved the whole family singing. Such a talented a beautiful family. Thanks for promoting family and Christian values! Merry Christmas!

Shelia Whitman
Coats, North Carolina
My fiance' and I drove 4 hours to the Singspiration Singing in Lincolnton, NC on November 23, 2013. We thought that the concert was Adam Crabb only. Boy were we surprised and most delighted. I absolutely love Blue Grass music, especially Gospel Blue Grass. My fiance and I loved loved loved your family and are truly amazed at all the talent in your family, children included. Keep on singing for the Lord and we hope to hear you perform again. I pray blessings upon blessings upon your family.

Nan Brown
Battle Creek, MI
I heard you on PBS last night, I enjoyed the singing and playing very much. I heard your father say that you were from the Lake Norman area. My daughter and her family live in that general area and I was hopeing to find that you were performing in the area while I am there over Christmas. (I thought what a wonderful way for our family to spend time together listening to your gospel/bluegrass music) and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus! I am going to order a CD and I know my daughter, son-in-law and their 6 children will enjoy your music very much.

Royce Davis
Centennial, CO
Never have attended a concert but saw you on Great American Gospel, the song that I loved was three o'clock prayer. My buddy and me play around with the guitar some mandolin and do country gospel, would love to get the lyrics and tabs to this song. Keep up the great gospel music. Royce

Andy Millsaps
jamestown, Tn.
Watched your family on song of themountai ns very talented singers and musicians really enjoyed it god bless your family

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

sandy york
albany, kentucky
saw you on great american gospel .loved your song know that you know. do you have a soundtrack for this song?would love to buy one. how much do you charge to come and minister at a churc?

Mel Clement
Ledyard, CT
I love bluegrass music and yours is one of the best. I would love to go to one of your concerts. Is there some way that you could have a concert in Connecticut?

Charlie Tew
Raleigh, NC
Saw you tonight on SOM. What a powerful statement and show. WHat a priviledge it was to watch and see a gospel bluegrass family. Hope to see you soon in the Raleigh, NC area.

Betty Moore
Southport, North Carolina
I watched you'll on PBS this evening, Oct. 5 and you'll were such a blessing. Your songs were very moving> I had never heard you'll before but you'll have now become my favorite Bluegrass group and you are from NC which is even better. I was looking to see if you were going to be near me but not. All your songs were beautiful. It is great that you'll write so many of your songs. I also sing but it is Southern Gospel but would love to learn some of the songs you'll have written. Also loved the Arthur Smith songs. Don't hear them anymore. God bless your singing and may you be used to win more souls to Christ. Will continue to check out your webpage to keep up with you. Take care, Betty Moore of Southport North Carolina.

Tabitha Gravley
Fries, va
Hi Cockman family I met yall a long time ago you guys are are such a blessing. Thanks for always being so nice to me. Tabitha
Allen Alston
Greensboro, NC
John, I met you in Guitar Center in when you were passing through. I really enjoyed your fine picking and have enjoyed the CD. I am listening to the 2012 WV flatpicking championship right now and trying to not be too envious. Ben can render! God bless you and your family, Allen.

Pat E. Birdsong
Sugar Grove, North Carolina
Hi there Cockmans!
I am sad to hear from Spirit Fiddle that you all will not be with us in Sugar Grove in July! Looking through your website it is exciting to see the family accomplishments. Please know that we will miss you muchly and hope that your summer and your trip to Ohio are fulfilling.
I suppose you have heard that Tommy broke his hip a few weeks back. He is doing well and going into rehab so he can join us July 12 & 13 for the Doc and Rosa Lee Watson MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove. Please keep him in your powerful prayers!
Peace be with you and yours~

david francis
johnson city, tennessee
do you offer soundtrax of the song know that you know ? WETB sunshine radion 790 am --- in east tennessee has been plying that song -- I LOVE IT it is a saying that my granddad used to say when he preached --- is there a place to get the lyrics too? PLEASE COME TO JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE AREA PPLEASE i would LOVE TO see you in person -- JUST IF on sunday ya gotta come to our home church as i cant leave --- i play the piano -- OH WELL i will if you are anywhere near JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE area

ray hurley
newton, nc
You guys are getting better and better!!!
God Bless!
tell papaw we miss him at MHS.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Happy birthday Mama Jane! Enjoy your special day and your holidays! God bless you!
Merry Christmas to my dear Papa John, and the rest of the Cockman Family!
I hope to meet all of you someday and someday come to your concerts! God bless
all of you!
From, Kavitha

Ashley Tambowneyi
Kwekwe, Zimbabwe
Tremendously blessed.God bles you I like the song Three O Clock prayer. Nice Banjo playing

Jeff & Mandy Peninger
Maiden, NC
We really enjoyed your music at Friendly Baptist Church on 12/9/12. It was a blessing to hear such beautiful music! We even purchased 3 of your CD's! Hope to hear y'all again soon! :)

willam brown
chocowinity, n.c.
I love you alls music. I was Saved and born again of water and spirit back in 1988. You all were one of the first groups that I heard back then at Lee senior high school autotorium. I was richly blessed by ya'lls music. I seen ya'll Christmas special on PBS. It was GREAT! I actually called Mr. Cockman on the phone back then talked to him. Glad to see that you all are still lifting up the Lord Jesus and The life of Holiness. You all are beautiful people for our great God. God bless all of the Cockman family and Ministry in Jesus Name. Love In Jesus name Pastor William Brown.

Frank & Shirley Easterling
Greensboro, NC
We have been inspired with your singing for a long time. We are related to the late Doc Bolick. God Bless All of you.

Mosheim, TN
I love all of your songs they are so inspiring. i heard you sing at my church, Gods tabernacle on hickory NC

Kim & George Berry
Smyrna, GA
My husband and I heard you this summer at the Asheville Mountain Music Festival, our first time to the Festival after discovering Shindig on the Green last summer. My husband has played "The Wheel" almost every day on his way to work since we bought the album at the concert. I am so impressed with the quality of the recordings, the harmony, the lyrics. We would love to see you again in concert, Lord willing. We are in the Atlanta area though, so I guess we will have to look for you when we are back in my husband's home state of NC. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and bringing healing to your listeners and glory to Jesus Christ in *all* of your music. It means so much that your message is consistently honoring God. I have downloaded the albums on my iPhone and iMac so I can listen wherever I am. My husband who is less technical, plays the CD in the car. We are encouraged and edified and thankful for your music. In Christ, Kim

Tara Kennedy
thomasville, nc
Me and my family lost one our loved ones today, as i was lying in my bed thinking of the times we shared together your name popped in my head. I remembered going to watch u guys play wow that was at 15 or more years ago, i actually think we meet u a few times. I always loved to list to ya'lls music its was amazing, ya'll r a very gifted and loving family, my grandma loved your music, i will dearly miss her, but i know its people like u that made parts of her life happy because she enjoyed bluegrass music and ya'll were on of her favorites. So thanks holding some wonderful memories for me and my mamaw. God bless

Andrew Hatfield
Peoria, Illinois
Checking out the website, and can't even believe that Ben won 5 contests this year! That is amazing, and an absolute blessing. He is a fantastic picker, and deserving of every one of them. Praise God for you guys, and keep up the good work. Really cool to see you guys working for Jesus. Peace, Andy

Bobby Cockman
Saint Louis, MO
I was Googling our surname and your website was one of the first things listed. We are probably very very distant cousins. Anyway, I downloaded your album "Dedicated" from iTunes. I must say you are extremely talented singers and musicians. I enjoy the album very much. I love harmony and yours is just about the best I've ever heard. I've already recommended to a friend who loves gospel music. Thanks for doing what you do.

Wayne & Margaret Johnson
Lincolnton, NC
My husband and I enjoyed your concert at Victory Grove Baptist Church in Lincolnton, NC tonight. As always, we recieved a blessing from your ministry in song! We love the beautiful family harmony that you have and we love that you include the children in your ministry. We love to hear the Butterpats!

Mary Appleton
Sylvania, GA
I'm back already. When I hard the girls yodeling, I thought of the Haining Family. They have a girl that is good at yodeling and they have some accomplishments, having moved to Branson. I think it was fairly recently, I'm not sure of the timing. Their website is: You might enjoy taking a look. God Bless. Mary

Mary Appleton
Sylvania, GA
It's been a long time since we have seen you. My husband, Jamie and I are Beverly (Appleton) Scott's parents. She told me that they enjoyed your program so much last night in Waynesville and that they were going to Hendersonville today. I included a web site put up in memory of Jamie's dad. You may not know of the history. Would love to see you again. Thanks, Mary

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Sonto Maeyane
Johannesburg, South Africa

God bless you all!
I praise and thank God almighty for the talent He has blessed you with. This is what I call real music. May He continue to give you more songs to bless the Bride.

Beth Turnage
Bluffton, SC

We saw ya'll the past 2 summers at The Orchard at Altapss in NC. What an inspirational family you all are. If you ever go as far down as the southern most of SC, I know our church, Indian Hill Baptist in Bluffton, SC would love to hear you. Love the Butterpats too. Keep singing and praising the Lord.

Lynette Gaslin
Verona Island, Maine

I am trying to play the dobro part on "Angel Band". Any help with the chords and tabulature would be grateful. Love your music.

Keith Harper

I heard your version of "Christ Liveth in Me" today on Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM radio. Very nicely done!

Christian Gambiza
Kwekwe, Zimbabwe Africa

May God bless you for the wonderful "original" music.I saw some of your performances on youtube and i was blessed by your singing.

Paul Gibbs
Efland, NC

I just got reconnected with your mailing list. My wife and I just recently got access to high speed internet where we live, so getting reconnected with the rest of the world. I have loved your music ever since my brother let me borrow a couple of your tapes. My first recollection of seeing you all on stage was way back in 1994 at Bro. Billy Andrews campmeeting in Murfreesboro, TN in high school auditorium. Very happy to see you are still making music together. Please come down to eastern, NC sometime.

Glenna Allenberg
Tucumcari, NM

I believe it was on a Bluegrass Blog on Facebook where I saw mention of you guys. I had heard of you previously but can't remember where. Young Foundations music? I went to your webiste and ordered three CDs. Your music is beautiful. I love the blend of your voices and write awesome music! Would love to see you in person!

Tess Ailshire`
Alexandria, VA

My mother has been talking about your music for several years, and I finally got the opportunity to see you at the Fiddlers Grove festival this year. We're hoping to see you again in Blowing Rock at the end of June.

Larry McCullough
High Point, NC

My wife, Ruth, and I were blessed to be at the Fiddler's Grove Music Festival Saturday 5/26. We love your God-honoring music and purchased the CD (Dedicated), and have listened to it several times already. I hope to be able to arrange for you to come to High Point in the near future. More later.

Rick Kaufman & LeeReindorf
Troutman, NC

WE saw your family perform for the first time this weekend in Union Grove and loved you! Can't wait to see you in other venues and for sure next year at the Festival!

Kim Morris
Salisbury, North Carolina

Hey Cockman Family. It has been about 14 years since I have heard you play and sing. Everyone has grown up and has families of their own. It is a joy and a blessing to have come across your website and also on Facebook. I will be keeping up with you and I hope you will be in the area so I can come see you again. Take care and I hope to see you soon.

Pam Martin
Forest City, NC

We heard you last year at the Catawba Valley Bluegrass Festival and my sons just ordered two of your CDs for their dad for his birthday! We know he will love them because you guys are one of his favorite groups! My oldest son Jamie played bass in the Catawba Valley Youth All Stars the same time you guys were playing. He is still playing bluegrass gospel in area churches with his band Blue Ridge Holler.

Gene Antwine
Jacksonille, NC

I played your fall Fest. in Catawba a few years back with New River Gospel. I played guitar with them at the time. I would love to find the lyrics to "Three O'Clock Prayer" Just heard it on SiriusXm.

Lynn Skidmore
Marion, VA

Loved your music at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion, VA on April 14th, 2012. Hope to see you again in the near future. May God Bless You.

Guy Francis
Bristol, Tennessee

Saw you all at Song of the Mountains, wanted to let you know that my wife and I enjoyed your show very much, you all did a great job.

William Paul-Janke
Coon Rapids, MN

I just heard "Where you There?" for the first time on Sirius Radio and cried because it was such a beautiful song and so I went onto iTunes and Thank God I found it on there.... I am a BIG Bluegrass Fan and am getting ready to go to the Southeast Minnesota Bluegrass Assc. (SEMBA) festival in May.... I'm going to try to get them to contact you about being in the festival ither later this year or next year because I would LOVE to hear you in person.... I love your gospal music. You have a great sound and it caused me to tremble the day i heard you for the first time!
God Bless
Wil Paul-Janke

Ken Upright
Kannapolis, NC

As always, it was great to see The Cockman Family last Saturday evening. I do hope to make plans to see you all again soon!

blessing nyikadzino
harare, zimbabwe

i enjoy your music very much but i have few old songs. I need to hear more. God bless you

Faith & Arthur Rollins
Rutherfordton, NC

We have enjoyed several of your concerts and have many of your CDs. Thank you for the time you take from your families to give good music to fans like us. We have seen you at Denton, Chimney Rock, Belmont and The Cove. We always try to attend when it is within driving distance for us.
Faith and Arthur Rollins

Susan Bales
Monroe, NC

It was so nice being with my college roommate,Jane Cockman, and hearing her talented family again on New Year's Eve in Wingate.  You always sound great!

cherryville, n.c.

love to hear your music

Gay Clay
Lincolnton, NC

Really enjoyed your music last night at our church, Victory Grove Tabernacle. So many at our church had never seen or heard your music. I heard lots of good comments, so I am sure Pastor David will be inviting you again. May God continue to shower your family with His Blessings!

Terry Tidwell
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

You guys are going to get the recognition you have soOOOO long deserved...THE BRIDE OF CHRIST ON DISPLAY...I so enjoyed this month's "Front Porch FELLOWSHIP"in the Singing News today.I will be WATCHING the charts...

Arthur Zilkowsky
Halifax Co., Canada

Wanted to let you know, that I heard " Three O'Clock Prayer " on Sirus satalite Radio. Loved the song. Great song and great meaning.

Arthur Zilkowsky
Halifax Co., Canada
Thanks so much. You all sound great!!!
Infinite blessings!

Arthur Zilkowsky
Halifax Co., Canada
Thanks so much. You all sound great!!!
Infinite blessings!

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello to my dear Cockman family,
How are you all? Merry Christmas to you! I hope you enjoy all your Christmas holidays and the upcoming new year holidays! God bless you all! Love, Kavitha

Sonoma, Ca
John just wanting to say I really  enjoy your group. It is really nice listening to your familys unique style. A real blessing to have  a chance to see you preform live. Take  care and happy holidys

Sonoma, Ca
I heard you sing on Blue Grass Junction,
Going home??? I loved it.

Susan DeViney
Sherrills Ford, NC
Have heard from our neighbor, Tony McAllistar that you teach guitar, mandolin, and such... would love to get to know you all and join in the harmony

Jennifer Larsen
El Dorado, KS
I have been fortunate enough to receive several months free of bluegrass radio on Sirius. I happened to catch "3 o'clock prayer" this morning. Even my 9 year old son recognized the beauty and importance of this song. He kept asking if he could hear it again. Thank you for your inspiring work. Your family is definitely stewards of what God has provided you.

Donld Bailey
lebanon, va
love to hear yalls music i just heard the song 3 oclock prayer  all i can what a moveing song keep up the good work and may God bless yall  

Popayan, Colombia
Thanks for your nice music. I listened it at first time two years ago in North Carolina.
I love your Christmas Music. God Bless all of You.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Happy thanksgiving my dear Cockman family ( John Jr., Jennifer, Arwen, Lorien, Sophia, Emma, Jeremiah, Noah, Joseph, Samuel, Lydia, Caroline, Jessie, David, Jamie, Billy, Kelly, Mama Jane, and Papa Cockman (John Sr.)! Enjoy your holiday! God bless you! Love, Kavitha

Kelly Batman
Tucson, AZ
Hello!  I miss hearing you sing in person, when are you coming to Arizona to visit and sing for the folks here?  I'm praying that you will make it in 2012, just as I keep you all in prayer that your singing and song writing continue to bless all you come into contact with.  Your Sister in Christ.

Tammy Ramey
Bessemer City, NC
I love your music and listen to the CD I bought at one of your concerts a few years ago. A friend from the church I was attending at the time had invited me to. You life me up so many times with you music. Thank God for your talent and your willing to share.

Justin Cockman
Calgary, Canada

Salisbury, North Carolina
I really enjoyed your concert at the Salisbury Church of God. The family's orginial songs were beautiful and your performance of "Were You There?" was moving. Thanks for a wonderful hour of music!

Rick Gordon
Fish Creek, Wiscsonsin
I turn on XM's BlueGrass from time to time. Heard you for the first time 11-6-11 "The Answer is Jesus"...awesome!  I grew up on a-capella music. This song is so good it would make an atheist wanna go to your concerts.

Melinda Pickard
Greensboro, N.C.
I seen you guys twice at my church Brown Wesleyn that my preacher Larry Pope invited you. I think you all were wonderful with your music that you played there. I bought one of your cd's the first time you were there it is great music and I seen you again today oct.23 2011. Anyway you are a great band I hope we will hear you again in the future. God Bless, Melinda.

Vickie Vaughan
Claremont , NC
Thank you so much for the uplifting singing today at Center UMC! What joy your family brings to our entire community! You light shines bright!! Much love to you all from Center UMC!

Paul E. Heaton
Lupton, MI

Just received your latest CD and really enjoyed it ESPECIALLY "Three O'Clock Prayer" That song went into our Patriotic listing and will be played often. Enjoyed "Know That You Know" as well. Keep up the good music.

Bob Warchol
Catawba, NC
I enjoyed seeing you perform at the Murray's Mill Festival. I will try to visit your October 9 performance in Sherrills Ford. Keep up the good work.

Ron Frankl
Henderssonville, NC
Congratulations on the new album; can't wait to hear it. Thanks for all the great music over the years.

robin mccormick
york, sc
Caroline, love your music..especially Eyes of Love..

Michael Burleson
Fort Mill, SC
We enjoyed your concert today at Murray's Mill. We've been following your family for the last several years, since seeing your appearance at Stowe's Botanical Gardens' lighting of the Christmas Tree. We've enjoyed watching your family grow and hearing the new music every year.

Angie Simpson
Cherryville , NC
I got the pleasure of seeing you guys perform in person at the Coot Williams Bluegrass Festival in Cherryville NC on September 10th, 2011.  I enjoyed you very much and love the fact that you are Christians and uplift the precious name of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I love the CD I bought.  It's not your newest one but the previous one before that.  I can't think of the name of it right off but it is real good and I look forward to getting some more of your CD's.

David McDonald
Sherrills Ford, NC
Great show at Coot Williams.You guys are great!

Pam Martin
Forest City, NC
Loved your music at the festival this weekend on Coot WIlliams Road! My son, who plays bass for the Catawba Valley Youth Allstars, was awed by your bass player!

liane and richard
south wales uk, uk
Whatsoever things are true honest just and lovely too pure in motive and in thought things that are. Of good report think on these things

Anthony Bryant
Jeffersonville, IN
It was so awesome to see you guys again in KY this past weekend! It was nice to get to catch up a little too. I love the new CD, and the new Butterpats CD also (Thanks John Jr!). God bless you all, your families, and your music ministry!

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Happy birthday Lorien! I hope you enjoy your special day with your friends and family! I hope many happy ones to come to you! Hope you have a great day! God bless you! Love, Kavitha

Kelly Blalock
Denver, NC
I was just sitting and listening to one of your CD's and "The Wheel" came on .That is one of the best messages I've ever heard in a song. I had John Sr as my shop teacher in high school. I had a lot of respect for him and always will.My cousin Donnie Little taught some of you guys how to play. I play guitar as well and my wife is getting ready to take lessons from Ben. God Bless ya'll keep doing what your doing. Kelly

Central, SC
I saw you'll on TV it was from 8/11/1992.I liked your sound.

Brevard, NC
Just wanted to say how happy that I am for stumbling across your website! I lost a couple of my cds I used to have, so I am excited to see my favorite songs on the 20th Anniversary CD set.  Plan to buy it soon :)

Catawba/Sherrills Ford, NC, United States
Can't Wait To See Ya'll Out At Balls Creek Campground This Summer! God Bless!

Susan Nichols
Lyman, SC 29365
Our first time to see the Cockman Family at Shindig on the Green Sat. nite 07/23/2011 and we enjoyed all. Especially the spinning bass. Thank you and may God bless you and your family.

Rev. Adebola Peter.
Kabba. , Kogi state, Nigeria
Shalom brethren. Nice to read about you. And view about your gift of ministration to the bride of mal4 and pls add my address to your mailing list. And mail us some of your songs. No email address yet. ***Pastor. Adebola Peter. 143. Kabba.  Nigeria w. Africa..*** May papa God bless you more as you serve the bride through that God giving gesture.

södertälje, Sweden
God  made music in long ago and today this wiil be hear inevery home in whole the world and best themusic are in the songs about Jesus and  glory of God with my own the piano play and joy daily in many heavenly feel and thanksgiving ,so bless to you and thank in many kindful regard ,keijo sweden

Michael England
Monroe, NC
I discovered your music today in the office of my cardiologist! I had an "Echo Stress Test". While I was there for the test the technicians had one of your cd's playing (the 2-disc cd, I don't yet know the title), and I was truly blessed listening to your music. I had bypass surgery in March 2001, and have been tested regularly since, but never anticipated such a blessing while at the doctor's office!! I want to purchase the 2-cd album Jessica was playing today as soon as I know what the title is. I should have asked Jessica the title, but didn't. My fault. I love your music and will include you in my musical "diet". You are such a blessing. God bless you.

Sylvia Stacey
Athens, AL
What a wonderful, talented God believing family! I heard/met you for the first time July 9 at the Music Fest n' Sugar Grove. I loved all of your music, especially "The 3 o'clock Prayer." God bless you in  your personal lives and in your music ministry.

pam baker
union grove, nc

br. benjamin b. chism
parkcity , kentucky
lord has bless us with your music. we are beleivers here in kentucky and your music has touched my wife and I. we thank GOD for you all,keep god smiling on you!!!

minty de kock
gales ferry ct. 06335, U, S.A.
I just bump into your name through believers of Canade hope to purchase your music soon.

bro.Art Sumampong
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
thanks the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the family like you,who wrote a lot of songs for the Bride of Christ worldwide.this is also one way to encourage the Believers around the world to continue serving and loving our LORD JESUS CHRIST.So please continue the ministry that our GOD given you.GOD bless you all.

Sandy Smith
Asheboro, NC
My family and I had the pleasure of attending your show at the Denton Farm Part on Sunday July 3, 2011. What a blessing we received. I am looking forward to ordering CDs from your site and am going to be watching your schedule so that I can being more friends and family to another show in the area. Thank you so much for the great job your family is doing for the Lord.
 God bless you, Sandy Smith

Penny Coxe
Ocean Isle Beach , NC
Just arrived home from Denton NC Festival. Your family is an inspirational phenominal.  You are all so talented.  What a blessing to have heard each of you.
God Bless you all and thank you for the blessing you gave us all on July 3rd.

Jane Thompson Gurley
Hendersonville, NC
Keep the info coming about your schedule.  Hope to see you at Altamont Orchard and at Lake Junaluska.  Hope you will be able to also squeeze in at least one Shindig during the summer. I have been to Old Time Music & Dance Week at Swananoa Gathering last summer and will go again this summer in July.  Any, keep us posted on the status of new CD's.
Jane Gurley

Joy Nance
Monroe, NC
I love your music!!! The Lord has really blessed y'alls family with musical ability. The way I come to know about y'all was through a family....Saunders Family. They are thru my home church. There family sings. Wonderful sweet Christian family. The Dad's name is Terry Saunders. The family has started singing at different places. They are just following the Lord. I play the guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, & piano. So, I LOVE bluegrass!!! :)

Just thought I would drop by and say hello, have a great day

Joseph Drum
Newton, NC
The Cockman Family really has a God given talent.  Their character reflects our living Lord Jesus Christ.  May God richly bless them.

Liz Rader
Mooresville, NC
Just got home from Fiddler's Grove and had the pleasure of hearing the Cockman Family once again. I think I've heard y'all live over a dozen times, and I never ever tire of your performances! What amazing musicians you are! The instrumental numbers are played to perfection, and then, when the singing starts, well, there's no better anywhere! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! God bless you in your work.

Gesualdo, New York
We saw you at the Smokey Mount Folk Fest…awesome!

beth lowe
shelby, nc
years ago I heard you play and sing at the murrays mill. you weren't even suppose to be there and it was only three of you. but I enjoyed you so much and through the years your music has been such a blessing. my tapes are wearing out so I've come to the net to search for cd's I know God is blessing you because through your music so many others are being blessed.

Lusaka, Zambia
I like gospel music, i have never attended any of your concerts but i would like to know if you sale your cds because i live far away in Africa, Zambia

Wesley Mwafulirwa
Blantyre, Malawi, Central Africa
I love your music especially'I am a child of the King''

William Selover
Tampa USA
Great to find you. I am not traveling to Rutherfordton meetings much. Your family music is a blessing to the world.


Hi John Jr.,
We watched you on You Tube playing "Margaret's Waltz".  We also watched your kids at the Fiddle Camp playing that tune also.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We would love to play that tune and would like to know if you could e-mail us the notes.  We are playing the fiddle via the tab method as you were instructing on You Tube.  We just could not catch all the notes you were mentioning.  It would be most appreciated, and with thanks.

Asheboro, North Carolina

I've heard you sing one time at a tent meeting. I don't remember where it was, but I remember that you sang "The Promise." It's one of my favorite songs now. I listen to your music on YouTube all the time.

michelle thompson
bluffton, ohio

I have never been to a concert. I found you on the message. org.

suva, fiji

Bob Royster
Chapel Hill, NC

I retired from UNC-TV in May, 2008 after 43 years in the original production department and 28 years as Director/Senior Director of Production. Our production of The Cockman Family Christmas was and will forever remain one of my most favorite productions. I share it with family and friends each holiday. What a blessing! It was great to reconnect with you all through your website. Best wishes to everyone!

Linda Huntley Teeters
Lenoir, NC

Joey and I enjoyed your concert at Colliers United Methodist Church in March, for our 175th celebration. We really enjoyed seeing the grandchildren! Your family is truly blessed with talent from above, and we appreciate you sharing it with others. This is a wonderful web site...keep it up!

Lyle Jensen
Lenoir, NC

I was at Collier's UMC yesterday.  What a wonderful job you all did! We enjoyed your performance from the youngest to the oldest! People are talking about our service all over the county!  I am the old "Geezer" that anchors down the 4th pew on the far left!!!HA!!  I've heard you B4 at Colliers from that same spot!  Thanks for sharing your many talents & message with our church.  May God continue to work thru you in your ministry.  Please come again!  May God continue to bless each of you.

Ernie Peeler
Bethlehem , NC

Coming to you show April 23rd in Newton, looking forward to seeing and hearing you.

Lawsonville, NC
Was blessed to see your family in Winston on Sunday night, March 6th. It was definitely worth our 50 mile drive to Grace Baptist Temple. It is so wonderful to see your whole family there together at your shows. I wish you could introduce everyone up on stage! I appreciate each of you always taking the time to talk to me. Looking forward to next time. Praying for your safety as you travel.

Jill Hudson
Cherryville, North Carolina
we look forward to having you at our church for homecoming this year.First Wesleyan Church Cherryville, N.C.

Cynthia Hicks
Lenoir, NC
Our family attended Collier's United Methodist Church today and was blessed by the performance your family gave at our church service. What a blessing to us, and what a gift your family gives to God's ministry. May God continue to richly bless the Cockman Family!

Connie & Marty Vermillion
Lenoir, NC
Attended your concert at Colliers UM Church today (3-6-11) and what an honor and blessing we received from this.  Thank you for your great performance.

Donna Murphy
Spring Creek, Nevada
You have a wonderful family.  John's fiddle lessons are the best ever and I really appreciate the good job he has done and the information he provides.  I am learning the fiddle and would not get anywhere if it wasn't for his videos.  Thank you!

Eva Martin
Winter Springs, Florida
I love your music and I have 4 of your CD's.  I heard you in person many times when we spent our summers in Asheville for 13 years.
God bless all of you, you are doing wonderful work for our Lord.  Eva

john cockman
vidalia, georgia
i did not realize there were so many john cockman in the world. just wanted to say hay and its nice to no that yall are also brothers in the lord. I wus born in greensboro nc but moved this way when I was about 10 or mama was a holland and my daddy was hurley cockman jr. yall keep up the lords work and I,ll keep yall in my prayers. my god bless yall ...john cockman

ya'll are awesome as usually
mac atwell

Jay Hudson
Rockingham, North Carolina
Your cousin. My dad was Carl Hudson,your first cousin. My Facebook page is Jay Hudson, with a pic of Curious George. Please pass my contact info on to the rest of the family. Jay Hudson

Hubert David Hale
Athens, TN
Heard your music for the first time on Bluegrass Junction, it was a real blessing, looking forward to seeing you in person. Have you ever considered going to IBMA fan fest?

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Virginia Smith
Beaufort, NC
While it has been years since we've been able to attend the Smoky Mountain festival
(dodging hurricanes mostly), I listen to my CDs every day in the car with great
enjoyment. I am so happy to have gone looking for your web site. I cannot wait to
see it all now that I've greeted you.I hope your family is well. May God continue to
bless you.
In Christ's Love,
Virginia smith

The Willingham Family
Jacksonville, Florida
We love your music!  We saw you last year at the Sugar Grove Festival!  We especially like David's song called The Answer is Jesus.  It's really cool with no music!

Robin Marshall
McDaniel, Maryland
My husband, Mark, and I first saw you all at Dollywood in 1993 during the Sunset Summer Fest. We also saw you all in Nashville the same week. We really enjoyed your music then and you guys are still great. It was wonderful to see how everyone has grown up and is doing really well. Keep up your wonderful music and sing for the Lord.

Shirley L. Blevins
Marion, VA
The Cockman Family sang at Sugar Grove Baptist Church many years ago and I was there, purchased a cassette tape and played it until I completely wore it out. Several years ago I tried to find your band on the internet but misspelled your name - Cockerman instead of Cockman. On my way home from church tonight I heard "Child of the King" on the Galax VA radio station, came home, looked up their playlist and found you.  I'm so happy you're still performing and serving God. Can't wait to hear your music again!

Cindi Cockman Anderson
Monterey, TN
Always interested in people that have my maiden name of Cockman.  I know my Grandfather came over from England, but that is about all I know.  God Bless you in your singing. Cindi

Angie High
Marshville, NC
I was at Wingate University for the 4th straight year and I really enjoy hearing you all each year.  This year my 8 year old son Logan came and he really enjoyed ya'll as well.  I hope each of you have a very great Year in 2011.  We look forward to hearing you, Lord willing at the end of the year.

david x redhead
st george's, Grenada w.i
i will like to hear some of your songs

Janet Tucker
Peachland, North Carolina
I was as Wingate and heard you all tonight. It was great.  I always like to hear your group and listen to Daddy talk about the family. It was fun!! Happy New Year
janet Tucker

Shelia Beerenstrauch
elba, al
Your music is so beautiful.  I love the song "deep settled peace." I stumbled across you on youtube and I absolutely love your music. god bless you.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello all, Merry Christmas to you! What are you going to do today? Right now I am singing carols, relaxing, cooking and baking, and exchanging gifts with my beloved mother! Then I am going to watch lovely christmas shows until December 31st since that is the day christmas ends! Hope you are doing well! Have a wonderful holiday! God Bless you! Love, Kavitha

I have been Blessed By your music and also the lessons on your web page. Just wanted to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and the best New Year ever. All the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 be you and yours! Eric

Richard Bauguess
Greensboro, North Country
I love your music. Bluegrass gospel music is the best.  Has been awhile since I've heard you perform.  Keep up the good work and continue your work for the Lord.

Waynesville, NC
I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I have had one of your DVD's for years and play it every year. It was a gift to me and my husband. The Christmas before my husband died he wanted me to play the DVD over and over, it gave him peace. He died in January 2006. It has been a blessing to my family. I ordered more to give away for Christmas this year.
Barbara Dimmett Hopkins

Travis Johnson
Gresham, Oregon
Recently discovered your music on Bluegrass Junction, and I love it. The only thing better than Bluegrass is Gospel Bluegrass. God bless your family and your calling, Jesus be praised!

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Josh Scism
Shelby, NC
I saw ya'll for the first time at Hope Baptist Lincolnton NC and actually saw you the second time the same week at the Lincolnton Civic Center , what a Blessing thank you so much for using your God given talents and gifts to serve Him. He is Blessing,touching so many hearts through you. I liked every song you sang however "Eyes of Love" & "God is Watching Over Me" WOW how they spoke to my heart :)

Tommy and Jan Bradshaw
My wife and I seen ya'll in Lincolnton on 11/20/2010. Ya'll were FANTABULUS. So much talent throughout the entire family. I have a banjo, but when I play it, it sounds like somebody stepping on a cats tail. I want to take lessons but just can't afford it. We can't wait to see ya'll again. GOD BLESS THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Nora Browning
Ewing, Illinois

Sandi Rhodes
Wortham, Texas
I love your music. You can thank Paul Callahan!! I sent your info to a friend of mine at radio station at KNES in Fairfield Texas. His name is Carl Conkling. He may be contacting you for a CD to play on his Bluegrass Gospel Radio program each Sunday!

michael cackin
omaha, ne
hi! i'm Mallory Vallier's dad. I think you are wonderful! I wish I could see you in omaha! God bless you all. I have one of your cd's.

Loyd Hopper
Coopersville, Michigan
I am just learning to play standup bass. I like your music and the message in the lyrics. Have you ever sold printed copies of your music?

Richland, PA
? found you on facebook :)
My husband and I heard you singing in PA on September 11th? We bought your 20th anniversary album, and I absolutely LOVE it! I especially love "The Promise" and "He Giveth More Grace." Thanks!

michele jones
iron station, nc
Just wanted to thank you for coming to our church's homecoming(Faith Baptist in Iron Station NC) on Oct 3. Your Family is so talented!!!!! We were Blessed to have you visit us. Thank you again, Michele

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hi Sophia, How are you? Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your 1st birthday! You are a wonderful baby, and same with everybody in your family. I am the one who gave you the bib as a welcome gift last year when you were just born! Have a wonderful day! God Bless You! Love, Kavitha

dallas & melissa cornett
hickory, nc
david, after 6mo. of doing buisness with u, we haven't had time for a real conversation, and i just found out today about the cockman family, and i think u guys are great. Thanks for the work u do for the lord, ur family will be blessed for generations to come. some how i knew u are a saved man. may god keep working thru u. ur a great inspiration.

Menlo Park, CA.
I cry every time I hear "The Promise"... (and most of the tunes that Billy sings too)!!!
Thanks to Jesus and you!!!! WOW!
Stunned in Menlo   (LOL)

Menlo Park, CA.
oh yeah - are the earlier Cockman BROTHERS c.d.s available or out of print???? I loved the tunes on the 20th anniv.  conglomeration... I would like to have the whole entire Cockman catalog... have many and all available now on your recordings page...  "please sir, may I have some more?"    (LOL)

Roy Lowdermilk
Seagrove, NC
My wife and I attended your concert in May 2008 at Maness Music Barn @ enjoyed it immensely. Then this past Sunday we heard you again at Concord Methodist Church in Coleridge. Again we were amazed and thrilled with everyone's musical and singing ability, your harmonizing and the songs written by different members of your family. Your family is such an inspiration and blessing with everything that you do.We thank you and praise you for the time and effort you invest in spreading the message of our saviour throughout the country. May God richly bless you as you continue this mission and we look forward to the next concert we can attend.

Angela Holder
Ramseur, NC
I really enjoyed the singing at the church in Coleridge on Sunday. Such a loving and talented family.
God Bless

Annette Broyles
Ramseur, NC
It was so good to see you all again!! I REALLY enjoyed the singing at Coleridge Sunday afternoon...God has blessed you all with such great talent!!! & the grandchildren was wonderful!!! God Bless You All!!! Hope to see the Cockman Family again real soon.. :)

Steve Jones
Bennett, NC
Thanks so much for coming to Concord Church in Coleridge,NC. It was a great concert! May God bless you all. Steve Jones

John Brewer
Easley, SC
great music this week end. Hope to see you all again in Dallas TX. In Jesus Christ name, JohnPraise God and Thank you Thank You Thank YOU!!! Every time I hear your music or see you play - I am lifted up (even after all these years and 3000 miles!)

Menlo Park, CA.
Was listening to one of your old c.d.'s and thought DUH - "wonder if you guys have a website"... and here ya go! I'm a HUGE fan - used to follow you guys everywhere when I lived in Union Grove (in Rev. Thomas's church)...!! (you played their anniv. picnic 1998 [or 1999] and I became a fan from that moment!! I went to see your concerts everywhere in a two hour radius! Love the music (I even submitted a couple of original songs) - and the pure talent that God has given to you - a true joyous experience with each listening!

Henry & Pat Nichols
Grover, NC
I attended the Smokey Mtn Folk Festival on Sept. 4th and my husband and I both went to the outside show on the 5th. All of your music really blessed me especially the song the Eyes of Love. I bought the CD and have played it several times already. If only we could all remember to look at others as Christ looks at us and loves us. Thanks for being such a blessing to me and others. Keep up the good work.

Henry Nichols
Grover, NC
I heard you at Lake Junaluska last week and bought a CD. Great music. I was wondering what denomination you are since reading your itinery you minister in a lot of different places. We plan to come to Murray's Mill later on. Keep up the good work.

Randy Dimmett
Salisbury/Union Grove, NC
Praising Jesus with music is a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you.

john brewer
easley, s.c.
great music this week end. Hope to see you all again in Dallas TX. In Jesus Christ name, John

Toni Mullany
Waynesville, NC
Saw you for the 6th time at the Smokey Mt. Folk Festival. I really love your message, the joy that you share and the fact that the little ones are being brought up to follow in your footsteps. One of my all time favorite lines was when Jerhimaha announced the "widdle cousins". Toni

David Schlichter
Fayetteville (Fort Bragg), NC
I heard you last night at the Smokey Moutain Folk Fest and your music and Spirit captured my heart. Your blessed my life, thanks. I'm a US Army Chaplain thank God for calling and using your family.

Gayla Baker
Knifley, Kentucky
Enjoyed your music and songs at the Lighthouse Tabernacle Saturday August 28.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Robert S.
Encinitas, California
I heard a song from a different website and I was very impressed. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for family for what you guys do best!

Thomas Bumgarner
Waxhaw, NC
Sorry we didn't make to the Balls creek and miss the big burger with Kelly and you. Will make the next ones in Sept. Oct Nov.Your Music is super,the Fathers love shines through Can't wait for a live performance.

jim kejames@ller
hickory, nc
enjoy your singing..

Sylvia and Mitchell Sawyer
Elizabeth City, NC Pasquotank
My husband and I love your music. I respect the time, dedication, faith and persistence it takes to become what your family has developed. It is so refreshing to see all of you together. My parents have gone to be with the Lord; when I see you perform it reminds me of the times my family sang, played and supported each other. For me that is just a memory but for you it is the way you live. Treasure what you have and thank the Lord often because it is so easily lost. I hope we will be financially able to travel to see you again soon.

Beverly Melchor
Salisbury, NC
Just wanted to let you all know that it was my pleasure to meet you all. And look forward to seeing you again. Beverly Melchor (Robert Poe's friend)

Beech Mtn, NC (also Palm Coast, FL), NC/FL
As ALWAYS...SO ENJOYED you last night at Fred's. You always make me feel like I have been to a revival...God has blessed your family with SO much talent...How wonderful to see you praising God while so many in the crowd do not know Christ. I am SURE you have sown many seeds for the harvest. GOD BLESS you ALL!!!!

Fredrick Josiya
Lilongwe, MALAWI
Dear the Saints, God bless your hearts for you really love Him as shown through your blessed music. Shalom.

David Christianson
Tulsa, OK
Heard you all on Bluegrass Junction, hope you'll be appearing in or close to Tulsa in the near future.

Richard (Dick) Eley
Clinton, MS
I'm 71, a Bible believing Southern Baptist
who loves bluegrass. Praise God for Serius/XM for our own Nationwide station to spread the word. I first heard you today on my car radio. "We shall not be moved" Loved the banjo work & want to hear more. Found you on and ordered one album. An album with "We shall not be moved" was not available. I'd like to buy that album if it's available thru you. I want to hear more of your music. Thanks, Dick Eley

Mike Slay
Okatie, SC
Loved you at Blowing Rock but you didn't sing Amazing Grace. Hope you do it at Sugar Grove.
There are more verses to the Star Spangled Banner. I wonder if singing them would work. Did you know that "spangled" means embroidered? May God continue to bless y'all richly and may the stable of grandchildren continue to grow.

Diana Massagee
Hickory, NC
I'm Sister Wilma's daughter. She loved John and Jane so dearly. The words to your songs are so inspiring.God Bless you all.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

Suzan Johnston Sherer
Abbeville, S.C.
I have followed you since cross country camp ground where my parents Ken and Charlie Johnston of Charlotte first heard you. We've seen you @ Dollywood. My husband was in the navy and we travled all over the US. The Cockmans and God was my angels on many a trip!!!! Now all my cassettes are worn out my mother has passed on and my father has lost most of his sight. I'm looking for cd's of your first work and til now to buy for him to listen to and me to travel to the drs., I also want to know where to look to see what I've miss all these years to catch us up. My childern are now 28 and 29 time slips away but good music and fellowship last forever. At one time My Folks were trying to get you all matching shirts. I don;t know if you remember them they tried to get you on the Ralph Emery Show. When I get in the car for a long trip I alway wish for some of your good old stuff. thanks for all you gave us then and now. the KL Johnstons, The Sherers

Wanda Hill
Thomasville, NC
I haven't been to a concert that you were at, I've just heard you on JoyFM

Wendy Bezuidenhout
Newcastle, South Africa
Your music has been a blessing to us for years.. our special favourite is 'blessing in disguise'!! What a comfort and encouragement that one is! God bless!!

Amber McCoy
Columbia,, Kentucky
Hello! I am a friend of Mellisa's and heard your music through her! Loved all your songs ever since she first handed me a cd! Hope to hear you all live one day! God Bless!!! =)

Tabitha White
Lincolnton, North Carolina
Dear Cockman Family,
I love your music! My earliest memories are of listening to you at Shatley Springs many years ago! Sadly, I haven't made it to any of your concerts or been able to hear you live in a very long time, but I hope to change that soon! Continue with the awesome music and hopefully I'll see you soon!
Love in Christ,

Cindy Adkins
Statesville, NC
What a blessing to hear the Cockman family perform at Fiddler's Grove this weekend. You are the hightlight of the festival for us. Also enjoyed the fiddle workshop with John Jr - quite a treat for a beginning fiddler!

Teresa Funderburk
Salisbury, NC
I heard you guys play at Trinity Baptist Church in Spencer, NC. I spoke with Jancie Sanders, Bro. Terry Sanders' wife. She told me that you guys had a website. She also that you were a shop teacher at the Christian school she attended.

May 29, 2010
Diane Church
Mooresville, NC
I saw you many years ago and am looking forward to hearing you at The Fiddler's Convention in Union Grove. I love your music and your message.

Michael J Hierons
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape South Africa
Hello to the Cockman Family. I am already recorded on your list of E-mail receipients. I was really encouraged by the song "Blessings in Disguise" on the album "When I Pray."

Kathie White
Franklin, IN
Keep up the good work! You have a great sound! We have listed you on our website We list festivals, bands, shows. We also provide promotional services to bands. Check us out! Hope to see you soon!

Josh Romero
Truchas, NM, USA
Found you guys browsing online!! I've always loved your music!! May God continue to bless you!!!

Sis Mary Ann Czarnecki
Meriden, CT
I have been blessed by your tape "There Is A Highway" for about ten years now and am long past due for updating my music inventory. The tape is old and worn but the music is still such a blessing to me. God Bless, Sis Mary Ann

Anna Lunsford
Yemassee, SC
I REALLY enjoyed the concert in Columbia. Tahnkyou all for the blessing of Holy Ghost inspired music and for using the talents that He gave you to bless His people!

Jim Lewis
Calabash, NC
A business friend, Mr. Jeff Robinson of Duke, told me about you guys. Great sound and harmony, I am looking forward to getting to a concert one day. My daughter and I are starting a family band, with a couple other father/child teams, and we are inspired by folks like you all!

David Brooks
Pink Hill, NC
In either in 1998 or 99 you played a benefit in Abermarle that my late wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your part of the show and we had bought the video of the program and were upset that in the video they cut most of your performance.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to John. Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful day and hope you enjoy your special day! God Bless you! Love, Kavitha

Peg Guill
Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America
Congrats Billy!! Keep up the God-Blessed work!!! Miss you guys and Caroline's sweet voice! Blessings to you all.

Shirley Mayhew
Mooresville, NC
I attended the April 18th show at the Citizens Center in Mooresville. My husband and I enjoyed it immensely as we always do when we attend your concerts. I purchased the All About Love Cd and am still enjoying the wonderful songs you sang and especially the ones written by each of you. May God continue to bless your ministry. Hope to see you again soon.

Hazel Hayes
Taylorsville, North Carolina
It's been a long time since I've seen you guys but Jane used to keep my children, Cindy and Darren Hayes when they were small and you lived in Lenoir. My husband was Glenn Hayes who passed away in November, 2006. I am a member at Antioch Baptist and look forward to seeing you this Sunday, April 25. I'll try to get the chance to speak with you personally.

Larry Cockman
Aberdeen, NC
Congrats to Billy on the BIG wins!! Hope to see ya soon at cousin Clydes in Robbins.

Harold Moore
Carrollton, USA
What an impressive looking group you folks are. It is always so nice to see Gospel performers on a stage with actual instruments instead of CDs. Thank you for that and I'd come to see you and I'd bring money to support you too. welcome to Musicians' Connection.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello all,
How are you? Happy Easter to my lovely Cockman Family. I hope you all are doing well, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Bye for now! God Bless you! Love, Kavitha

Trenda Furr
Rockwell, NC
Your music is awesome! I just attended a benefit show in Kannapolis, NC where you performed and bought 3 of your CD's. I have listend to the song I LOVE YOU LORD on your album When you touched Me over and over and over this morning. It is beautiful. David...your smile is the best, and Billy, I only wish I could play half as good as you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all. To God be the Glory!

Terri Stines
Vale, North Carolina
CONGRATS! to Billy -- loved the interview on WBTV God Bless!

Terry Bales
Caulfield, MO
i heard the song "through eyes of love" and love the song and the beautiful voice and music. do you evey get to this part of the country? Silver Dollar City at Branson has gospel music the first week in September. hope you will be in the ones invited to perform.

David Peterson
Viroqua, WI
Got your name from A gospal paper. May GOD Bless you all

Larry and Rosemarie Schultz
Piqua, Ohio
We enjoyed, greatly, your Message in Song and the Word of God

Mrs. Wesley McSwain
Lincolnton, NC
Hi, Just heard "Eyes of Love" from your new CD on JOYFM and immediatly had to order the CD. I first heard you at a camp meeting in Rutherford about 10 yrs. ago and have got all your CD's since. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music with us!!!! May the LORD Bless you!!!!

Kevin Childress
Greensboro, NC
My Family Loves The Cockman Family.

crumpler, nc

Wondell West
Panama City, Florida
Seen Sister on facebook, and remember you all back at Bro. Billy Anderws Thanksgiving Meetings. Several years ago now. Just wandered if you have cd for sale. and so good to hear from u all again.God Bless You All.

Jennifer Munday
Princeton, NC
Hey! My husband and I went to school with John and Caroline and Bandys. Our girls took piano lessons from Mrs. Cockman. We moved 2 yrs ago to Princeton,NC (between Raleigh and Goldsboro). My husband, Matt, is the pastor at Hephzibah Baptist Church. We love your music and would love to have you come to our church and sing. How can we arrange this?

andrew kessel
glasshouse mtns, australia
Greetings Cockmans
Heard some of your music on
and was really blessed.Was wondering if you  sell sheet music for 'Just Once More' and 'Eyes of love'
God Bless and keep up the good work!

Gary Tessneer
Shelby, N.C.
Got The Cockman Family 20th Anniversary collectors album for a gift. Real good gift.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hello there, How are you? It is good you are taking part in a concert to raise money for  Haiti. I am holding a food drive to raise money for them as well. If you want to, you are welcome to send money in dollars or in checks to me to put in a box along with the food being collected, or even send food in your name to my food drive! Good luck in the concert!
       Ben, I am so glad your cornea transplant surgery went well, and hope you can go back to performing! God Bless you all! Love, Kavitha

Bob Evans
Monroe, NC, United States
We have been to Wingate for the last three years, to bring in the New Year with you folks and I think this year was the best. Thank God for what your family stand for. Really have enjoyed the CD "All about Love"

Baguio City, Philippines

Kavitha Subramaniam
Raleigh, North Carolina

David Panther
Marble, North Carolina
Your group is truely one of the best Bluegrass Gospel groups out there today! Thank you for sharing your great music with us!

Sandy Martin
Sherrills Ford, NC
Hi John....I check the site periodically and always enjoy coming back to the picture of you and Doc Watson.  That has to be one of your favorites!  Hope you, "your girls" and all the Cockman Family have a wonderful 2010.  We're especially thankful for the success of Ben's recent eye surgery.  Stay warm!! 

Joe Smith
Matthews, NC
Cockman Family,
Enjoyed all your contributions last night at Wingate. You all a real blessing to my family. We are enjoying your new CD today. Starting 2010 out right! God bless you as you minister to others this new year.

Katie Spear
Birmingham, Alabama

Thanks for coming to Birmingham; it was so enjoyable!

Haines & Dianne Maxwell

What a treat as my sweetie and I strolled through Blowing Rock a few weekends ago. We were drawn to the music and rejoiced to hear the name of Jesus being proclaimed. We pray your ministry will point many to the saving grace of Christ. Press on. New fans,
Haines & Dianne Maxwell - Charlotte

Col Tom Taylor
Morganton, NC USA

HI Folks Just wanted to let you know I have visited your Web page and gone through it completely. Ted Edminston keeps me updated on you guys. I play your music each week, especially the Butterpats. My listeners love them.
Col Tom WWB

Debbie Lange

We so enjoyed your concert last night at Briarwood. Amazing Grace has never sounded better this side of heaven!

Sheryl Spear
Birmingham, Alabama

I saw you tonight at Briarwood Church and really enjoyed your family..Please don't be gone so long next time. Blessings to your family. Sheryl Spear

Kavitha Subramaniam
Cary, North Carolina

Hello to all of you,
How are you? It was a blessing to hear that Arwen and Lorien created another CD. I wish I could come to some of your concerts this year, but I am in India with my grandparents and relatives. I hope to come to one of your concerts someday! God Bless you all! Love, Kavitha

Candy Drake
Hickory, NC

John Jr., the concert at Longview was fantastic! I especially enjoyed the patriotic medley. Your girls were darling. We have been following your family since you started. We first heard you at Murray's Mill when David could barely handle the bass. I am thrilled that the family has stayed together and is now involving the grandchildren.

Ken Mohler
Hickory, North Carolina

My wife and I enjoyed hearing you at the Longview centennial. We love bluegrass music. Keep up the good work serving God all the days of your life - the rewards are worth it all - GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES

Susan Bales
Monroe, NC

Dear Jane, mother and I are visiting my brother's family in Michigan. We drove up through VA, West VA and Ohio. It was nice listening to some of the Cockman Family music along the way. I hope you are all fine. Have a great summer!
Love, Susan Bales

Lizzy Raymond
West Palm Beach, Fl

I remember the first time I heard your guys music. I was nothin' but a child and I remeber feelin' like I wanted to dance. My father's a minister and I've been raised on gospel music, but I had never heard gospel sung the way you all sang it. We were at a church camp meetin' in NC, which was one of the first times I'd been to another state, and we didn't know what to expect. But I tell you we got a lot. The first song I ever heard you all perform, was 'Before The World's Foundation' and I was hooked. That year I forced my mother to by one of your CDs and we litrally wore it out , because we listened to it so much. LOL!!! The following year I didn't have to force her to do anything she bought them all... It has been a blessing listening to your music these past nine years and I look forward to hearin' some more.
May the Lord richly bless each and everyone of you and may you all continue to bless others.
Until we meet again...
Yours in the Lord,

Bobbi Thompson
Four Oaks, NC
Really enjoy hearing the family Saturday night in Four Oaks. Will keep a close check to see if you are in the area.

Audene Phillips
Galax, Va

we had lost track of you all, until last night was goin thru some 8 track tapes and there you was, got your web site from that, keep up the good work and God bless you all. Audene Phillips Galax va. P.S The last time we seen you ,Caroline was pregnant.

Marty Ellis
Spartanburg, SC

Recently heard "The Promise" on the radio and ordered a copy. I sing along with you guys EVERY DAY at about 6am on the way to work. Its my daily worship time. Especially fond of One More Day and Old time Religion. I play banjo and sing bass with a bunch of other guys at Bethel Methodist Church in Spartanburg, and we enjoy listening to you before we make our "joyful noise". Want to see you in concert as soon as possible. Best regards.

Ruby Doolittle
Ridgeway, S,C,

I was at your concert at Lake Wateree Baptist Church down by the Lake. It was hot but you all did great. I could not get over the fact that the Butterpats could yodel like that. I thought that was a lost art. Keep Up the good work I am ordering some of your cds. Thanks for that wonderful visit.

Gastonia, NC

I heard you at the benefit singing you did for Bro. Donnie at the end of February, and also at the park in Belmont on June 2. I love listening to your music and hope to hear you again sometime soon.

heather hopkins
moncure, nc

me and my boyfriend John really enjoyed spending time with John Jr. and mister Harper in the barn. John had a really good time playing his bass, he hopes that he gets to play with John Jr. and maybe the rest of the cockman family. I had the blue fiddle this year and tried to play while trying to watch John Jr.'s fingering but i couldnt keep up. We both love listening to everyone sing, and we hope to see yall again next year.

Delores Meadors
Galt, California

We had the pleasure of seeing your family perform at the Woodmen of the World National Convention in Nashville, TN a number of years ago. We purchased a tape but it seems to have disappeared out of our car so I will be replacing it with a CD very soon. It was refreshing to see your family perform and to know that there are still families in the world that enjoy being together. God has truly blessed you with talent beyond measure.
God bless,

36 Degrees North Band
Westfield, North Carolina

We loved your show at Fiddlers Grove this past weekend. Thank you for a wonderful festival. Your music is so inspiring.
- Jason, Melanie, Jerry and Frank
"36 Degrees North"

Pastor Loyd Taylor
Clemmons, North Carolina

Spoke to Mr. Cockman on Saturday, May 26.
Checking on a date to have you come and sing at our church.
Looking for Bluegrass web sites.
God bless.

Amanda S

I hate that we didn't get to see you all at Denton, NC this year. I had a required high school band concert to attend and we didn't make it down. Hopefully you all will be booked there again next year because we are definitely coming no matter what on Thursday because of Jamie Dailey's new band - The Dailey Vincent Band playing. I hope your two shows went well @ Denton! I'm sure they were wonderful! I'm not sure if we're going to make it to Sugar Grove this year or not...we'll see!

Jamie Hess
Rockwell, NC

My Husband and I heard you at His mother's church several years ago and we just fell in love with your songs. As a matter of fact, He sang "My Love" in our wedding. Thanks for all you do for the Lord!

robert codding
danielson, ct.

Renee' Reinheardt
Catawba, NC

My mother and I attended your concert at the Rally for Riley. My mother, Geneva Reed thoroughly enjoys your singing and told me last night when she first heard your music, David wasn't big enough to hold that big bass. You all are a true inspiration to any family that a strong foundation in Christ can produce a family that loves the Lord and will spread joy and peace where ever they go. My mother and I own Morning Glory Diner in Terrell, NC and would love to have your family come visit with us anytime. Thank you, for your dedication to the Lord. Love in Christ, Renee'

Hilda Marshall
Hendersonville, North Carolina

We first heard you in Brevard at Brevard College a few years back. Since that time we have been to Lake Junaluska to see your performance. We also attended the Bible Institute at Fruitland in Henderson County, which is close to where we live. Your family has been an inspiration to us. My husband, Bob, is a pastor in Brevard, but he is also a Blue Grass picker. We have a great picker in our congregation who, when he heard you folks for the first time, said, "Those guys don't even look at their hands!"

We love your music, especially the songs you have written. There was one special song that blessed us that was written by Mrs. Cockman (the elder). We will pray for your group.

I am having surgery for the third time in 14 months, so I probably won't get to hear you any time soon, but I am thinking about trying to get another of your recordings. Can you direct me to your list of available CD's? I am a pay-pal member, and would like to see what your latest albums are. I used to be able to hear a short part of your albums, but I forgot how I went about it.

Thank you for being such a wonderful, inspiring and dedicated family.

In HIM, Hilda Marshall

John & Barbara Jarrell
Star, NC, 27356

It was so good to see ya'll again Sat (5-12-07) at Clyde's Music Barn. Keep up the wonderful work for the Lord and God Bless! We listened to the "Butterpats" all the way home. How Precious! THANKS!!!

Jeanne Dennis
Aberdeen, NC

It was a distinct pleasure and privilege to meet and to hear you at Clyde's last night. So reassuring to meet an entire family that gives glory to our Lord through the gift of music. Your family has been so richly blessed...talent, looks, intelligence and most important of all...parents who provide the guidance and leadership necessary to do this in this uneasy world today. Bless you for sharing and for carrying the gospel in song. O hope to get to see and hear you again soon.
Blessings and Prayers your way....
Jeanne Dennis (the lady with the strings)

doug ball
thomasville, nc

I thoroughly enjoyed your peformance at Denton NC this week at Doyle Lawson's festival.

Naomi Wright
Amboy, Washington

I love your cd's. They are awesome. Hope I can go to one of your shows someday.

Faith Cross
Sherrills Ford, NC

Hey ya'll! I'm so thankful that God put you on this earth for us to enjoy a piece of heavens music. You are such a blessing and inspiration to me and so many others. Keep doing what you're doing!

Judie Swann
Burnsville, NC

The video on Big Tom Wilson was so informative. We have such beautiful mountain history. Also the interview that was given by Mrs. Virginia Boone.

Faith Cross
Sherrills Ford, NC

Hey ya'll! I'm so thankful that God put you on this earth for us to enjoy a piece of heavens music. You are such a blessing and inspiration to me and so many others. Keep doing what you're doing!

Chasity Bowman
Harrisonburg, VA

I've loved you guys forever, keep up the good work for Christ! By the way we need to see some wedding pics of Ben and Melissa!

Derek Johnson
Statesville , nc

Graduate of NIHS CLASS OF 94. Been a long time fan

reggie & grace plett
flagstaff, arizona

God Bless the Cockman family. We love your music, and feel it is a real testimony.

julia (fowler) carter
kernersville, nc

Tonight, I was sitting at work listening to XM Satellite radio channel 34, and all of the sudden they started to play "Softly and Tenderly"!! I was so shocked, I've never heard you on the radio!!! Congrats!!!

Dawn Rawls
New Bern, NC

You were in Bridgeton NC in the fall of 2002 when I saw you. John Jr, sang a song "Just Once More" that I believe the said he wrote. I looked out on you website and didn't see it listed under any of your current CDs. Do you still sell any with this song? I found it out here with the lyrics and the tune but can't find it now.
Thank you and God Bless you. God has given you all a wonderful talent.

Wayne & Lynda Osborne
Marion, SC

Hello Cockman Family,
My name is Wayne Osborne. My wife and I enjoyed hearing you sing and play at Lynches River Park. I also enjoyed playing guitar and singing with you in hallway. (I was the one who sung "I'll Fly Away" and "I Stand Amazed"). You all are truely a blessed and gifted family. We purchased four of your CD's and we really enjoy listening to them (tell David we are sorry that we ran him back and forth so many times trying to decide what CD's we wanted :). I noticed in one of your pictures that was posted, there was one of your relatives with the last name Osborne from Kentucky. My wife and I are also originally from Kentucky. I'm from Johnson County and my wife is from Louisville. I also have Osborne relation that lived around Pikeville, Ky and many that have migrated north to Ohio. My uncle Roger Osborne has authored several books pertaining to the people of Appalachia and the coal mining communities. I hope we get hear you all sing in person again sometime and possibly get to know you a little better. May God Bless keep you all! Wayne and Lynda Osborne

tommy wooten
trenton, ga

I think you guys are great keep up the good work

Steve Shumaker
Hickory, NC

I was in the Boy Scouts with a Johnny Cockman in Whitnel, and I was wondering if this is the same person.
Best wishes, Steve

abraham yu
Auckland, New zealand

sing very good. I like the old fashion songs. could you give me a list? How can I order it?

Avelene & Lane Brewer
Westminster, SC

We have watched your family on Channel 32 and we love your music. We also sing bluegrass gospel: Our group is called "Heaven's Echoes". We have looked in stores to find one of your CD's but have been unsuccessful. We'll keep looking, you guy's are great. God Bless

New York, NY

hey just wanted to say that i think your music is GREAT...even though it has banjos and stuff and thats weird for me considering i'm a new yorker but actually i find it very peaceful and hope you guys just continue making wonderful music for god.

Ricky Holcomb
Tiger, Georgia

hello and how are you all doing i found you all through yahoo search and i love what you all are doing for the lord i am a borned again christain and some one told me to start a c.b. min. for the lord and i have been battling not wanting to do it but the voice will not leave me alone what do u think we love you in god's name and god bless each and every one of you

Hendersonville, North Carolina
Love your Website look. I had lost touch, because we moved from Brevard. I have sent our new email address so I can know where you will be. May the Lord bless you. I praise the Lord for the gifts and willingness to serve that He has given you. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us. I will check your schedule today. I am looking forward to receiving your newsletter again.
I must share this with you! Our banjo player in our church said, after hearing you for the first time, "Did you see the way they play? Those people don't even have to watch their hands!" Great compliment!
In Christ,
Hilda Marshall

Kathy Richardson
Mount Carmel, TN

I happened to be flipping thru TV channels & catch the last part of your TV special. It was wonderful. I was deeply moved and touched by your music. I wish with all my heart I could sing (can't carry a tune in a bucket!!) but I always say that God is saving my voice for leading the choir in Heaven. LOL. I give it my best but when I hear music as your family, and the precious children, play, I am moved to tears. Thank you and please continue sharing your love and music. I plan on buying the Butterpat's CD for my Granddaughter Haven. She is 20 months old and has started singing Jesus Loves Me. She seems very amazed by any type of music and will love having the CD. Thank you and looking for to hearing more of your music. Keep writing...keep singing. God Bless and with Love, Kathy Richardson

Glenda Wilson
Gastonia, NC

I just wanted to send you a Thank You for all you and your family did for Bro Donnie the singing was great as always I know that everyone there got a blessing out of it I know I did. The lord is watching over Donnie and we both know that he is in God hands so again Thank You for all you did and May God Bless each and everyone of you. Sister Glenda Wilson on Feb.24 2007

Angie Nyamhunga
Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

Debbie Hennings
East Bend, NC

We missed seeing you last year. Hope you will be in our area in 2007. We see
that everyone is now married. I guess Mr. and Mrs. Cockman have a quiet house
now. Looking forward to your 2007 schedule. God Bless All Of You

west linn, OR

yahoo hi email me

charles dateon
johnson city, tn

hey ben heard you married melissa, mc coy guy told is every thing going?when are you two coming back this way?congraduation man.when you guys up going dating web site? we can hear you

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Good Music Is Like Good Preaching, May God Bless You More, l Enjoy Your Music.

anice teixeira
sao paulo, brazil

I am always visiting your website and once I bought one cd. You can't imagine how good it is to me listen you. No matter how much I listen some of your songs still make me cry. They have helped me in difficult times and became my life track. God bless you all.

ron brown
madison, indiana

I saw you guys on KET 1 your Christmas special, then I watched it again a repeat this year. I really liked it, you all seem very nice. My Son said he really liked the mandolin playing. He plays mandolin for The Wildwood Valley Boys.

Tracy Sanders
Russell Springs, KY

Hello Ben & Melissa! I hope you guys are doing great! Melissa I talked to your dad today! You need to call me so i know how ya'll are! Love You Guys!

campbellville, ky

We have enjoyed music for years when are you going to up date your schedule.isure hope verry soon

Rebekah Ward
Columbia, Tennessee

Just wanted to let y'all know how much we enjoyed your set at SPBGMA on Thursday night! It was great to see a family that plays Bluegrass Gospel, but sounds as good as the other groups! Hope to see y'all again somewhere soon!


Hey Melissa,
I'm sorry I didn't make it to your & Ben's wedding. I had hope to see pictures on the website. Hope things are going well for you all. God Bless. Jennifer

Douglas Cockman
Barstow, CA

God Bless family!

Debbie Braswell
Newton, North Carolina

Rob Abernethy
Lincolnton, NC

Hey, Folks! Really enjoyed your concert a couple of months ago in Lincolnton, alongside the Greenes and Michael Combs. I'm praying y'all come back to perform at Gloryland Baptist Church in Lincolnton, soon!
Take care and may God continue to bless your family.

Debby McKinney
Minneola, Florida

Hey ya'll!!! Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!! I'm sure the holiday season was wonderful for you and yours - wish we could have joined you for the wedding and the reunion, but we're hoping to see you in June in NC!! God bless you and your wonderful ministry, and please let us know when you'll be back down to visit!! Big hugs!

Clarkston, MI

I have really enjoyed listening to your music clips. I found your site through a bluegrass recommendation website set up by a Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Lupton, MI

Joel Brown
Johnson City, TN

Just a small note of greetings to you guys. God bless.
Joel Brown

Bruce & Dian Gordon
Finchville, KY

Seen ya'lls Chritmas special on KET here in KY. We were blessed! We seen the Lords Spirit shinning through the Gifts he has givin you. I love ol'tyme music Merry Christmas, Bruce Gordon

sharon Phillips
Joplin, mo

My mom watched your special on PBS springfield Mo, she is home bound and she was blessed by your singing. She misses being able to attend church and hear christain music. May God richly bless your family for this Christmas Special.

Betty Hood
Maryville, Tennessee

We saw your Christmas program last night (12/22/06) on East Tennessee Public Television (PBS). Loved it! Such a blessing! We pray for God's blessing's for each of you---now and in the New Year. Keep up the good work.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Cary, North Carolina

I have been seeing you all ever since my vacation started. It is so nice to see you on television for more than two days and I love your music. Ben and Melissa, congratulations on your wedding! God Bless you all! Love, Kavitha

Kay Buchanan
Friendsville, TN

I just watched your special on Channel 2 (PBS). It was wonderful. I had never heard your family but God has blessedyou all with wonderful tallent. Keep up the work for the Lord. Kay

Reggie Stuckey
Cincinnati, Ohio

I just finished watching you all on PBS here in Cincinnati. Wow, what a blessing!!! Your show brought tears to my eyes. I sure hope to get your music to listen to soon. GOD bless you all and your music ministry.

bro James Musembi

God bless you for your inspiring music. my question is, is your music free for believers to download from the internet? am asking because am realy in need of Gospel music to influence my family and i would not want to do this without your permission. am waiting for your reply urgently!! And may the Lord richly bless you!!

bakersville, north carolina
saw your christmas show on and loved it ,thanks 4 the christmas spirit

Pam Morgan
Rockingham , NC

Hello to all,
I caught the last few minutes of your pbs special tonight, Dec. 14. I really enjoyed it and have marked my calendar for the next air date. Keep up the good work. It is such a blessing to see a family living for our Lord in this day and time. In Christ, Pam Morgan

Sharon Wheelis
New Bern, NC

I am so glad to catch you again on PBS tonite. My father-in-law went crazy over the Christmas Lullaby song last year and ever since I wanted to order him a CD. Perfect timing that I could order one on-line tonite for his Christmas present!
Merry Christmas!

Tom Weathers
Flagstaff, Az

We first heard cassette of yours that friends acquired @ Bro. Ron Peterson's. Since then we've visited w/ Grace Plett about your music.

clarissa roberts
weaverville, NC

Hey to all of you!! I loved to see you all on the 9th !! It was great !! thanks for coming !! Keep Dick Roberts in you prayers please !!
Clarissa Roberts

Justin Smith
Locust, North Carolina

i have been a fan since i seen you all on that pbs show. i wish all the best and have a happy merry christmas. god bless

Sis. Daylon
Indian Trail, NC

Hi, All! Hope everyone is well. We know that you are all VERY busy getting ready for the big weddin' comin' up soon! God bless you all. I'll be browsing over your site today. Love to all....

Bob Knapp
Warren, Michigan

Just got a couple of your albums. You are a great group. I will be in North Carolina the 3rd week in Feb. I wonder if you will be playing anywhere btwn the 17 & 25. Let me know I want to plan on seeing you if I can.
Thanks for your music

clarissa roberts
Weaverville , NC

Hey Caroline i just love your hair! It is amazing how long it is !! i want my hair to get as long as yours is !! I just love to listen to you and your brothers.!!! I am hopeing to get some of your all's cd's !!! I hope to see you at Shindig on the Green!!
Clarissa Roberts

Lori Rash
Statesville, NC

I am a Teacher Assistant with Mrs. Bauer at North Iredell High School. I just wanted to say Hello. Lori Rash Teacher Assistant NIHS Exceptional Children Dept.

Toronto, Canada

God bless your sister in Christ. Keep on singing for the Lord

Zipporah Thomas
Chetwynd, BC, Canada

I love the music especially the older version of angels unaware. Always put Jesus first. God Bless

Br. kariuki john
Nairobi, kenya

Just appreciating the lord jesus christ seeing what he is doing through his bride to the bride world wide.May his showers of blessings fall upon you as you bless the bride with inspired gospel blessed. br. john kariuki.

Mark Thijssen
The Netherlands (Europe)

I listen to Power Grass Radio online and that's how I heard of you. Your sound is great and your message is even better! :)

Keith Marcum
Lebanon, Ohio

I just learned about your group this morning as I was talking to Bro Doug McHughes in Tucson Az. It is nice to know there are other musicians singing that are message believers. I have been away from singing for several years but have enjoyed the experience so far. I have also sung in concert with a Bluegrass gospel group named The Haddix Family, their web site is linked to mine. You sound terrific and I look forward to meeting you someday in the future. Your Bro. in Christ Keith Marcum

Wayne Capps
Indianapolis, Indiana

Heard your cd. Love your music.

Jeanette Myers
Statesville, NC

Just wanted to let you know we love your music. We have seen you perform twice at Murray's mill.



Dennis Jones
Gibsonville, North Carolina

Just viewing your homepage I love all the Cockman Family. Thanks for a great time this year I say to myself that you your concerts get better every year and it surely does. John thanks for being a great friend and comrade veteran you and your family share through Christian music and your love for people what Jesus wants all of us to do daily - -In Christ your friend Dennis

Whitey Haugan
Jacksonville, Florida

The Lord blessed my wife Mary and I as you sang and played in Blowing Rock recently. Wished we could get you here in Jax. You all have the best Bluegrass Gospel I've heard. Am ordering 'The Promise.' ><>Whitey

nairobi, Kenya

God bless you precious bride of Christ, continue to work for the kingdom till Jesus come's back.

Earl F Bisel
Marshall , Mi.

I saw you New Bern N. C. at the craven com. col.

Courtney Wright
Amboy, Washington

The Edwards family told us all about you guys and let us listen to your cd's. You all sound awesome! I hope to see you in concert sometime!
God bless!

Sis. Enovero
Pasig City, Philippines


I realy like your music may God bless richly. Keep on spreading the word

Rick and Angie Morris
Ninety Six, South Carolina

We were blessed to be in your presence at Dallas, NC Cotton Ginning Days as we are every year. We look forward to seeing your beautiful family. Keep up the good work.

Brother Kevin MIFOUNDOU
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Shalom brothers,
just a few words to say i really liked the songs by the butterpats, i even shared them with brothers and colleagues. God Bless You !
Bro Kevin

JoAnn Cox
Rocky Face, GA

Our family loves your music. Our one year old daughter jumps up and starts dancing every time we turn your music on...which is nearly every day. Our six and four year old daughters also love it. We have shared it with many of our friends since moving to Georgia from Rockwell, North Carolina. I keep hoping our daughters will get to see you in concert soon. The Promise is wonderful! Keep the great music coming!!

nathaniel greene
rutherfordton, north carolina


clarissa roberts
weaverville, nc

hey all i am just going to let you know i really like the angels unware casette but it is as old as me (13) and it's starting to mess up if you ever redid it that would be spiffy(cool) i have asked before if you would redo 2 of the songs on it!! but i really like it and wanted to let you all know !! hope to see ya'll at the shindig in 2007 !!! In Him ,Clarissa <><

M Dols
Rockwell, NC

Hello! I enjoyed hearing and seeing you all in Mooresville, NC a few weeks ago! You all are very talented and truly blessed. We attend Salisbury Church of God and we are supporters of the Edwards Family :) May the Lord continue to bless all of you and the Edwards Family as you give all the honor and glory to Him!
Love In Christ,
M Dols

Whitsett, North Carolina

Hey Guys, I have always enjoyed your music! Ever since I was seven years old you have performed at my church and I love to listen to your CDs.
In Christ,

Doug Brower
Jacksonville, FL

Nice website! I saw you all last at Fiddler's Grove. Wouldn't have thought to hit your site except I heard one of your tunes on powergrass today. Later, Doug

Patrick Hudson
York, SC

Hey Cockman family, It was really good seeing you all at Cracker Barrel last Saturday (09/16/06). It was quite a surprise to see you there listening to us. We have actually learned a lot from you all by watching, listening & jamming with you at some of the festivals over the last six or eight years. As a matter of fact, David is mentioned, under Jared's profile on the band page of our website, as being one of his main influences on the bass. Thanks David. Anyway, we're just thankful to have you all as friends. I meant to buy your newest CD, but forgot to ask - hopefully we will see you again sometime soon. Thanks again for stopping by. Your friends, The Hudson family

clarissa roberts
weaverville , north carolina

hey to all!! quick question do you think you would ever do "at the cross" or "caroline" on another cd??? thanks for all you work i love all the cd's and casstettes( those songs are off angels unaware from 1993) thans agian,clarissa

Diane Graham
Ava, MO

I heard your song giveth more grace on a local radio station. The song defiantly blesses me. I would like to get your new cd.
A new fan.

Sharron Rosa Giles
Medway, England


Frank M. Lowrey
Americus, GA

Cockmans--Once again, you made our long drive from south Georgia to Junaluska worthwhile. You are always the highlight of the program to me. Your witness and family dynamics are wonderful, and your music thrills my soul. God bless you.

Sarah Harwell
Lenoir, North Carolina

I went to your concert in Blowing Rock on the fourth of July and had a wonderful time! I loved your song "The Promise" I do not yet have the CD but I really love your music and I hope you can come back next year!
Sarah Harwell

Mary Ann Enloe
Waynesville, NC

Thank you for continuing to come to Lake Junaluska. "The Arthur Smith Show" was my introduction to your wonderful sound and story, and it was a delight to learn you come to Haywood County NC on a regular basis. "The Butterpats" are precious. I was at Joe Sam's Smoky Mountain Festival on the front row both nights again this year and you are always good for my soul. Hope to see you in December.
Yours in Christ,
Mary Ann Enloe, Music Director,
Crabtree United Methodist Church

Thank you for continuing to come to Lake Junaluska. "The Arthur Smith Show" was my introduction to your wonderful sound and story, and it was a delight to learn you come to Haywood County NC on a regular basis. "The Butterpats" are precious. I was at Joe Sam's Smoky Mountain Festival on the front row both nights again this year and you are always good for my soul. Hope to see you in December.
Yours in Christ,
Mary Ann Enloe, Music Director,
Crabtree United Methodist Church

Bonaire, Georgia

I saw you all sing several years back at a church in Covington, Georgia when Brother Billy Paul Branham was down. We got all of the tapes that y'all had out at that point which was "When I Pray", "There is a Highway", "I Will Trust in You", and "Keep on the Firing Line". I recently got them back out after a long time and they have been a renewed blessing. I travel for about two hours three days a week to get back and forth from college and outside of Message tapes, your songs have been a really nice blessing. My favorite song is "There is a Highway" and I know to other drivers on the road I must look ridiculous as I sing very enthusiastically along with that song particularly. God bless y'all!
Your sister in Christ Jesus, Rachel

Lesly Bell
Maiden, NC

Saw ya'll at the campground on Thursday, August 17th, where I heard about this address. I enjoy coming out to see the Cockman's whenever ya'll are performing somewhere close to my home. I look forward to seeing and hearing your family in the future making a difference in many lives.

Michael Taylor
Graniteville, SC

I first saw you all in 2003, at the Missions Camp Meeting in Ruth, NC; and have looked forward to seeing you there every year since. Unfortunately, your appearance there has been only brief since the Saturday, after meeting, music event has been discontinued. Besides your great music, I just love the good cheer that emanates from you all. I am delighted to see that you will be nearby at Augusta, GA in September and will certainly plan to see you there; as well as, to tell everyone I know. God bless you all, as you have surely been a blessing to me.

streulens hendrik
kortrijk, belgium

I sure appreciate your music, it's a real blessing to our family. It's nice to hear music from the bride around the world. Lord Bless you all! May the Lord bless you in the works you are doing for His purpose. God bless you, your brother in christ

Patty Carrigan
Taylorsville, NC

Hi, Coming today to hear you at Mackie High Funeral Home. Please sing my favorite, Angels unaware. You mailed me the tape with just the music no words where I could sing it at Old Timey Sunday several years ago. Thank you again for that. See you later today.
Your sister in Christ

Darrell & Priscilla Hovis
Lincolnton, NC 28092

We have been attending your concerts for awhile. We are planning to be at Ball Creek Camp Meeting on Thurs. the 17th. We really enjoy seeing and hearing the family. The children are a joy.

Kathy Roberts
Weaverville, nc

Hi Cockman Family We really had a great time @ Altapass Sun. pm. We enjoyed having lunch with your folks. We listened to the Butterpats all the way home. You can't help but smile when you listen. Glad to see you are passing on the families talents to the next generation. I would suggest you teach the kids 'Ole Blue' as it still is one of our favorites. I chuckle as I think of you guys as youngsters doing this song, it was always a crowd pleaser. Please keep Uncle Dick Roberts & his wife Margaret in your prayers as he began chemo treatments today and Marg's alzhimer's progresses. I heard her singing in the backseat with your girls and it seem to take her to a happy place. Keep me posted when you will be close to Asheville or Weaverville as they have always been big fans of yours as well as me!! May God continue to bless today & your music for generations to come. Please pass this to your Mom & Dad as I know they are faithful prayer warriors and we need all the prayers we can get as uncle Dick's prognosis is ???.. Tell Lorien we hope her splinter booboo is getting better. She was a brave girl and a real trooper to go on with the concert :). Hope to see you soon & maybe you can work one more time @ the Shindig for the summer.( if you get a cancellation we know you have a busy schedule)..Thanks again for blessing us with your music.. Families in Christ.. Uncle Dick, Aunt Margaret & Kathy Roberts

Sharon Huculak
Stony Plain, Alberta

I sure appreciate your music, it's a real blessing to our family. It's nice to hear music from the bride around the world. Lord Bless you all!

vickie gilbert
statesville, north carolina

hi, i have a guestion to ask of mother will be 80 years old on august 16. we are going to have a cookout at her home on august the 19. do you and your family play for birthdays. if you do how much would it cost for you to come and play. i wanted to do something big and special for her. because God has blessed us to have such a wonderful christian mother. you are my favorite group i got to hear you sing at mount vernon church in olin. i enjoyed your singing so much. thank you for your time. i hope to hear from you soon. God bless you and your family. love in Christ vickie gilbert

Steve Hill
Statesville, NC

The Promise is FANTASTIC! Congratulations and keep'em coming.

Amanda Smith
, NC

:) Finally!!!
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. John Cockman at Sugar Grove, NC the 15th of this month. I really enjoyed the Cockman's show and the visits I had with John. My mom and dad also enjoyed meeting him. The show was awesome...especially the patriotic medley you all ended with. I am going to try and make it to another concert soon I hope.
God Bless!

Brad Farrer
Tucson, AZ

Wow, a friend of mine let me borrow a cd that he has of yours after church last night. I love bluegrass and my wife had rather listen to regular gospel music. But when I put the cd in to listen we both were smiling. She loves your music and I do as well. This is awesome! I thank the Lord for the gift he has given you to be a blessing to the bride of Christ. May God bless you and give you your hearts desire!


I ordered your newest CD about a month ago and have really enjoyed it. My husband is bad about taking all the "good music" to work with him so I ordered two of The Promise this time (one for each of us). So glad I did. I think it is your best CD yet.  Are you going to be singing at Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain again this year?  May the Lord richly bless you for your work in spreading His word through music.

Amanda S

Well, it's me again. I just wanted to say how excited I am that I will finally be able to see you guys again. I've only saw you all once..that was last year at Sugar Grove...time has rolled back around.
Looking forward to the show, maybe meeting you all, and hopefully purchasing your c.d.


I love to know more of this family and also to make a close rapor between my musical group and yours and to see how we can or i can give out an invitation to you people to come down to Nigeria and be part of our annual music concerts.

Cecilia Mwamino
Mombasa, Kenya

God bless you saints,am encouraged by your coperation to spread the Word of God thru' music. This is a ministry which will continue even in heaven,i like listening to end time songs. God bless you, my Pastor is Bro.Jackson Silla, Mombasa,Kenya.

Camp Verde, AZ

Your music is really wonderful! I especially like the cd "When you Touched Me" and the song I like best on there is "That Joy was You"!

Kim Wright
Amboy, Washington

Dear Cockman Family,
I've just spent a few minutes peekin' around at your website. I have heard so much good about you from Connie Edwards!  I can't wait to order some of your things!  Lord willing, we will see you in October at Gospel Grass. We are a family band here in Washington State!  May God richly bless you on your journey!
Kim of the Wright Family Band

Lynn Keller
Sacramento, CA

My husband and I lived in Hickory, NC for three years and were fortunate enough to see you in concert twice. We love your music and your voices. We moved back to CA three years ago and miss you guys. I still have the one CD I bought at my first concert and love listening to it. There is no band out here that matches your style. The worship leader at our new church is Lincoln Brewster. Although he's great, he is a world apart from you. Keep up the great work!


keep me in your mailing address.  lord almighty bless you richly.

Ron Frankl
Hendersonville, NC

Congratulations on your tremendous new CD, "The Promise." Every fan of the Cockman Family, and everyone who loves bluegrass gospel, will love this CD.


I would like to thank you for the wonderful music you performed at Fiddler's Grove. I am always extremely blessed by your music.
Jessie, thank you for all your hard work. You did a wonderful job this year and I am grateful that your work will produce another year of Fiddler's Grove. May God Bless you!

Amanda S

Hi there!
I'm so excited to see you all again at Sugar Grove, NC. I haven't seen you all since then :( I wanted to come to DL&Q's festival that Thursday to see you all this year, but things didn't work out. I'm very excited to see you all and maybe I can actually meet you guys this time.

Cloverdale, BC, Canada

very inspiring to me...  i like the guitars...  very nice harmonising...

Vancover, BC, Canada

very inspiring to me

Roger Daniels
Harmony, N.C. 28634

Just wanted to send you a note to thank Jessie for her help in getting my wife and I a camping spot at Fiddlers Grove this year. I have never seen one of your performances, but someone gave me one of your tapes and it was great. Your group is one of the biggest reasons for me to try to attend this year. thank you.

Cecil Booher
Port Charlotte, Florida
Saw your family for the second time in two years and both times at Doyle Lawsons in Denton . Enjoyed your shows both times. Look forward to seeing you next year again at the same place if you will be there. Wish you could get down in our area some time so we could see you more often

Susan Gibson
Harrisburg, NC

My husband and I were at the Bluegrass Festival in Denton NC on Thursday 5/12. We came because I love The Isaacs. I am soo glad we braved the cold and stayed for your entire set, you were a real blessing to me. I especially liked Carolines song, I think it was called "Love you , Lord". If I can get the music, I'm going to see if our worship team at church will do it.
Thanks for a bold testimony in song, that really encouraged me and I hope spoke to those in the audience without Christ.
Susan Gibson

Chasity Bowman
Harrisonburg, Virginia

I have been a long time fan of your music and look forward to you all putting out a new album (soon please?). I was just browsing your site today because I had been there in a while (last time I was on Jessie was still pregnant with Noah). Anyway congratulations to all of you for your growing families, the Lord has truly blessed you and congratulations to Ben for his engagement! Keep playing and singing for the Lord!

Sondra Wall
Alexis, NC

You all were at our church, First Wesleyan in Charlotte (Bob Allred pastor) this passed Sunday and as always we loved you! The children were just precious and we look forward to next. God Bless you all.

May 7, 2006
Frances LaFrage
Salisbury, NC

I'm the grandmother to Shane and Alex Edwards, my husband and I think you are doing a wonderful job in teaching our grandsons. We are proud of them, and know you have played a BIG part in their music.

Kavitha Subramaniam
Cary, NC

Hello Cockman Family,
How are you? This is Kavitha writing to you all. I hope you all are doing well and are ready for the summer. John Jr. I hope you get better soon! I am so sorry about your back. May God Bless you all! Love, Kavitha

Amber Buie
Denton, NC
We loved your performance when you came to the Denton Wesleyan service.

Amber Buie
Denton, NC
We loved your performance when you came to the Denton Weslyn service.

Olivia Hayes
Denver, NC

Hello! I recently saw your family perform and was very blessed. I applaud all of you for your hard work and dedication to Christ. Nothing says it more than a family "sticking" together! John, "The Promise" is a beautiful song of the Lord's preparation of our future home! May God bless all of you!

connie elkins
lexington, north carolina

I am a member at denton wesleyan and was there sunday to hear you perform. Everyone in the family enjoyed it so much, and that included two teenagers! May God bless you for carrying his word to the people. Love and blessings Joe, Connie, Erica and Jamie Elkins

jenny coffey
jamestown, ky.

Welcome to the family Ben. We are proud to have you join us.
love Aunt Jenny

Kavitha Subramaniam
Cary, North Carolina

Hello all, how are you? I hope you can come to Cary and perform for me and my family because you all are excellent musicians. The kids can perform as well as all of you that day. They are precious like you all! God Bless you and hope to see you all someday! Love, Kavitha

Betty Barringer
Concord, NC

We saw you at the Cabarrus County Law Enforcement programs for the past couple years. We were there last night and thoroughly enjoyed everyone. The little ones are precious. God bless you and we look forward to seeing you again.


Thanks for this lovely Gospel music compositions.
It is my first time to come accross your site as i met it on Messagelinks and iam blessed by the words but now i would very much love to atleast listen to the Music behind them.
May God bless you very much

New Bern, NC

I love your music!  I listened to Amazing Grace and how beautiful!  Thank you for that it ministers to my soul!  God Bless You!  Keep up the good fight!

Andrea van Enter
Abbotsford, Canada

Hey guy's and gals!
I have been thinking about your family for a few day's now, and decided to go on the net to see if you had a webpage, and you do. It's great to see you all, and married! I can't believe Jess, that you are married and have a child. Well, I can believe it because you are so pretty, but I feel that we are still those young girls at the Tennessee meetings. That is where we all met. My grandfather, Edward Byskal was taking the meetings there quit a few years ago. I married Rieghardt (the guy from South Africa) if you remember. Ben you look great, and I will never forget the Grande Ol Opry. Take care all, and God Bless.
Andrea van Enter....was Hunt

Cecilia Gabriel
Cary, North Carolina

Hello Family!
I see you have more than a few fans from the Triangle Area and wanted to add my voice to theirs.  As I prepare for this year's summer reunion I was putting together some additional Gabriel Family research and ran across your website. I just had to say hello!  Remember the Family Reunion is the 3rd Sunday of July.  In case you ever want to perform in the Triangle, Hopewell Academy will always provide you some space.  I don't know if I told the family last year but Charles and I started a school for students with learning problems in the Triangle. We have grown from 4 students to 15 and perhaps to 25+ by next year. We hope to provide for 150 to 300 students in 5 years.. Come visit us anytime.  Please accept our prayers and those of our students for your success!
Love Cecilia

Rick Dameron
Millers Creek, NC

We enjoyed your concert at Peace Haven Church Sunday. You have a very special gift that brings much joy to those who hear and see you perform. My wife Marie and I Go to Pleasant Home Baptist Church in Millers Creek but came to Peace Haven just to see you. We saw you first at Sugar Grove Festival last summer and look forward to next time. Thank you for what you do and we are enjoying the cd's and cookbook.
Rick Dameron

Winter Haven,  Fl.

Brittany Karnaukh
West Jefferson , NC

Mr. Cockman Jr.,
I never knew you were so well known and so talented. I love this site. I listened to some of the MP3's and the music is so beautiful. I am going to have to get a CD or tape, if you still have some. I love to listen to your little girls singing too. They are so good, not to mention they are very beautiful. May God continue to bless you as you work for His kingdom.

Rev. Earl Pennell
Charlotte, NC

Hi Cockmans,
Just came across your site. The members of Woodlawn Baptist, Charlotte and the Pennell family say hello. Earl

julie slaughter
mcminnville, tennessee

i have seen you several times in murfreesboro tenn at bro.billy andrews thanksgiving meetings and his church where i attend.its always a blessing to see and hear you.may god bless you all.[video also]

Ruth Turner
Denver, N.C., Lincoln county

I just saw you tonight at East Lincoln Baptist Church. This was not a first time for me but I enjoy your music and the whole family. The Young ones are starting out right, Just Keep them in there. May God Bless all you do. Each one of you are so special God has given you a great talent. Keep on using it for Him.

carol jones
hillsboro, tn

Great website..I love looking at all the pictures and reading all the info about you all.. my family and I attend Bro.Carroll's church in manchester,tn..
God bless you all

Devin Biehler
Statesville, NC

I have enjoyed seeing you at Fiddler's Grove and all over NC for many years. I just wanted to say "hi", and let you know you are celebrities to my two young boys. What a great witness you have been, using your amazing talents to praise the One who blessed you all with it.
Take care!

Tammy Miller
Kannapolis, North Carolina

Hello all! I just want to let you know how very much I appreciate you...all of you!!! You all have such a wonderful talent, not just the singing, but you touch my heart in such a way that it is indescribable! I really enjoyed the children. I have a little girl, 11 years old, that is mentally challenged and she saw you all 2 years ago. I remember her singing and dancing, but she would have really enjoyed the children. I will get the new CD when it is available. Hannah was not able to make it last night. But I had to let you know that you guys are wonderful and very very much appreciated!!! God bless you all!!

Daniel Wright
Amboy, Washington

Hi! I'm in a family band, too. :] It's really nice to see other family's playing together. God bless you all. Daniel Wright

Tony Cockman
Greensboro, North Carolina

Hello. I did see your show at Christmas. It was a blessing.

stephanie cockman
hot springs, ar

hey i guess we're family and have the same name.

Nottingam, United Kingdom

May God bless ur talent. Ur music its a bless to me.

Barbara Clemmons
Shelby, North Carolina

Hope all is well with all your families. We will be coming to Denton in May and are looking forward to seeing you. Are you going to be in our area anytime soon.  God Bless you all and the wonderful work you do,
Barbara Clemmons

Doris Isenhour
New London, NC

I have not been able to find out your schedule for some time now. Would like to know when you are going to be singing again. Thank you, and God Bless

surrey, canada

hey hey hey...I never knew that you guys were so famous I always thought that you guys were just a little preforming group....jk...u all sound pretty good together...God Bless the work that ur ding....

Marilyn B. McDowell
Stamping Ground, Kentucky

I saw your family on TV on KET during Christmas on a Wednesday night after I got home from choir practice. I called our choir director to turn it on and we watched you together. I got your Maker of the Stars CD for my birthday and am still listening to it, even this morning on the way to work. Hope to order more in the future. What a wonderful family you have and love the way your voices blend. Thanks for sharing your family with ours.

karina mattei
vicenza, italy

God bless you all!
May your music be as a blessing to many believers!


i would like to listen harmony music by vedio

Concord , North Carolina

Hello! I have seen your family perform several times and was extremely blessed by your music. I love your website and the information on the family. Caroline's song, "He Giveth More Grace" has been a wonderful blessing to me. Thank you! God bless you all.

Len Cockman
South Bend, Indiana

Hello:  I would like more information on your CD's. etc. Sincerely, Len

diana wood
elizabethtown, illinois
Saw you im Illinois a few yrs ago, thought you were all great. Would love to see you soon, where are your next Il. concerts dates and places?

Melissa Morrison
Russell Springs, KY

Hi everyone! We really enjoyed the Christmas Special on KET last month, it's always fun to see the family on there! All our friends called us up excited that it was airing all the way here in Kentucky! I can't wait to see you all again...May God bless you!

Amber Olson
Kinistino, Canada

Nice website. The pictures of your family, and the sound files of your music are great!

Ann Lawrence
Winston-Salem, NC

We saw you for the first time at the Doyle Lawson festival in May of last year. We heard you sing a song called "Someday". Do you have that on any of your recordings? We also just happened to see some of your Christmas program and enjoyed it very much. Are you going to be in Denton again this year?

stephen walker
hendersonville, north carolina

hi, i recently heard "before the world's foundation" on wncw spindale. what a wonderful song. i will be looking on your schedule to see if you all are coming near hendersonville. i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. stephen walker

Kavitha Subramaniam
Cary, North Carolina

Hello all,  I really enjoyed your christmas songs on the show! The songs you sang were fabulous and you all are fit to be a music group. Hope you all come to Cary, North Carolina some day to perform for us! Bye!

Reb Lancaster
Kinston, NC

I walked in my mother-in-laws house on Christmas Eve, heard your music on the TV. I sat down and watched your program Maker of the Stars. It was wonderful. I drive the tour bus for Anthony Burger, so I am familiar with true God given talent and the work that it takes to perfect ones art. Your program was flawless. Thank you for giving your Christmas Story to us. May God continue to Bless your Family. Merry Christmas to you all.

Camp Verde, AZ

I'm glad I found out from my friend about your music! I LOVE IT!!!!

The Emmons Sisters
Grants Pass, Oregon

Hello! I haven't ever seen you play live, or heard your CD's, but I'm sure you are great! I am looking forward to learning more about you all. I found your name on this site:
My 3 sisters and I have our own gospel bluegrass band, and we enjoy writing, singing, performing, recording, and sharing the message of God to others! Our ages and names are: Christina, 18, plays guitar in the band I, Victoria, 16, play Mandolin, and banjo.  Natalie, 14, plays upright bass,
and Stephanie, 12, plays fiddle, and dobro. We play other instruments, but these are our band ones. Our parent's are very encouraging to us, especially as they aren't musically inclined. What a blessing, to have parent's who drive us and help us with everything! It really is a family act! Thank you for what you do. Do you have any tips for us as a band?  Thank you, and God bless!
-Victoria Emmons

Amanda S.
Hello.  I am looking forward to watching your Christmas special on PBS. I have only seen you all once (Sugar Grove, NC). I hope to see you all again live soon. I was hoping to see you all at Denton, but considering I have to be in school we never come on Thursday to the festival.
:(     I'll keep watching the schedule.  God Bless,  Amanda
*Hey, quick question. Were you all in Mt. Airy, NC "Mayberry" at the Autumn Leaves festival? I thought I heard your name mentioned on the radio...

Melvin Mann
Blanchester, Ohio
Hello happy holidays just saw your christmas show on TV KET channel love your show and really enjoyed your good bluegrass gospel music very much best family type christmas show i have seen this year thanks sincerely yours Melvin Mann

I just happened to click on our local PBS station and got to listen to you guys Dec.14. WOW I really enjoyed it. I loved it, Keep up the great music. Billy Joe

Carol Scroggin
Louisville, Kentucky
12/15/05   I saw your Christmas special on KET last night and LOVED it! Keep up the good work spreading the Good News.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!  Carol

Mary Ann Spillman
Flatwoods, KY
First saw your group sing tonight on KY Educational TV (KET) doing your Christmas special. Loved it!!!

Deborah Brown
Hamilton, Ohio
I just wanted to say praise the Lord, My brothers and sisters in the Lord.
God bless
Sis. Deborah

London, England
I have been blessed by the Lord to have a desire to come closer to him and I have been listening to a lot of influencial music.I do know tht this music will be a blessing
thank you

Dawn Walker
Lincolnton, NC
My husband has not been well for over 8 months. One of his first outings was to the Lincoln County Citizens Center on Dec. 3. Your singing uplifted him in such a positive way. He is unable to sit for long periods of time, but was mesmerized by your wonderful concert. Amy Crawley, the beautiful young lady whose beautiful voice preceded your group, is a close friend and invited us to the concert. Thank you all for giving us such a wonderful evening and for bringing a light to my husbands eyes that I haven't seen for a long while..Sincerely, Dawn Walker

Ellen Rose Sullivan
Selma, NC
John Jr., you need to update your pictures on your Cockman Concentration game. I really enjoy it year round and not just at Christmas. Can hardly wait to get the new CD!

Cheryl Cathey
Lincolnton, NC

Enjoyed the home church concert! Destiny and I especially enjoyed meeting Ben's friend, Melissa. She was everyting we expected. We love you all and encourage you to keep up the good work. Destiny sends greetings to "Papa John." Ha Ha! See you in church. Cheryl

Marchelle/Randy Campbell
Lake Wateree Baptist Church, Ridgeway, South Carolina
Your concert November 5, 2005 was such a blessing. May God bless each of you and really looking forward to hearing and seeing you again.

Wayne Steele
Lake Wateree , South Carolina
Your concert at Lake Wateree was beautiful! God has certainly blessed your family with such talent.  We at Lake Wateree look forward to your return.

john&dot ballard
columbia, south carolina
We realy enjoyed your concert at lake wateree last night. hope too hear you again .in christ john & dot

senjuuur cheworei
nairobi, kenya
Just having a heavenly realm at my work place when your songs stream like the river over my soul.sometimes stresful moments come ,but listenintg to you online have given unparalled rejuvenation of my mind and soul.may God have the best of his grace for your family.GBU.

senjuur cheworei
nairobi, kenya
just to fellowship with the true sons and daughters of God from around the world.Also to request for the unconditional Gods grace over my life through your prayers and my family.

Chris Bramstedt
Alton, IL
Just loved the blue-grass gospel and your family show on PBS. I'm related to Adam Sherrill who forded the river in 1747, with his sons. Is your family related to the Sherrill family?

Brantley Watkins
Goldsboro, North Carolina

I do hope the Cockman Family is planning to air their Christmas special this year. It has become a much a classic in our household as the movie "White Christmas".

Lisa Castillo
Fairburn, Georgia
I came across your web site one day while looking for music. I was wondering if you are pentecostal, Apostolic pentecostal? I think I found your music while I was looking for Apostolic music or pentecostal music. Do you ever travel to Ga.? If so do you know when you will travel this way toward Atlanta? I would like to attend one of your concerts, I have never seen you in person. Do you ever do benefit singings? The reason I am asking is because my mother's house burned last July and she had no insurance, she is 73 years old lived in that house since she was 12 years old, we have restored some of the house but now we are at a stopping place again due to no money to finish, so we were thinking getting a benefit singing to help us raise money. we live in the Atlanta area about 20 miles from the Atlanta Hartsfield airport. God Bless you.

Jerry and Alice Baucom
Sherrills Ford, NC
We really enjoyed you at Murrays Mill, Oxford School and Cotton Ginning days. Your family is an inspiration and very talented. I am your public relations person everywhere I go. Keep up the great things you are doing. Your music is anointed to touch peoples lives. May God protect you and continue to bless you and give you continued favor.

Fred Ballard
Stony Point, NC
We thoroughly enjoyed your music this past Sunday at Stony Point and it was especially nice to talk with Mr Cockman during lunch to share similar USAF, teaching and family similarities. good luck with your "unique" students. Thanks again for coming to our church to share your music.

Carlton and Joy Wilson
Ellaville, Georgia
We have been blessed to have enjoyed your performances at Lake Junaluska for the past few years. Since I blundered onto the website, I guess payback is in order since I now know how to order you music. Y'all do truly "make a joyful noise unto the Lord"

Philip Leo Kraus
Johnson City, TN
I particularly liked the song about meeting the angels unaware, when I saw you all play at Happy Valley in Johnson City. I have given your cd's to people all over, who were in need of a good cheering up, and to see you all play is a soul sweetening treat.

vickie gilbert
statesville, north carolina
i first saw you at mount vernon church in olin, gary marshall was the pastor. i loved your music then and i still love it. you are a blessing to me. the music you sing touches my heart and soul. i am so glad to see a family that loves to play for the Lord.. i want you to know that i love you and your family and your music. may God continue to bless you all. by the way beautiful wedding pictures of david and his new wife. Thank God for you all. love your friend in Christ, vickie gilbert.

Judy & Archie Gabriel
Catawba, NC
We are soooo proud of all of you, and pray that God will continue to Bless each of you and your families.

Glen Cockman
London, England

Hello there
My name is Glen and we share the same surname which I know is not the most common of names. Where do your family hail from - though from England my fathers side of the family were from Cork in Ireland. I haven't seen any of your concerts but I am intrigued to know if we are connected. Though not as musically attuned to you I did sing for our local choir at the recent harvest festival - and am involved in the water aid movement. Love Glen x

Bobby Martin
Salisbury, N.C.

Hi John, It's been a busy summer and I'm just catching up with some mail. Have been playing some music this summer and working long hours.  A note to say I really enjoyed the Cockman Family at Sugar Grove this year. Didn't get a chance to tell you and Ben that I enjoyed the Jam with Sam Bush. Let Ben know that Sam Bush had to back up on Ben's picking. Sure was proud of you guys. Tell the family I said hello, Hope to see you soon, Take care, God Bless, The Drummer Man, Bobby Martin

Ken & Barbara Earnhardt
Concord, N.C.

Enjoyed the Concert at the Epworth United Methodist Church. 9/11/05. Hope you can come back real soon. Keep up the Great Bluegrass Gospel, It's Great

Connie Edwards
Salisbury, NC
We loved hearing you Saturday night! John, our whole family loves your new song! We can't wait for your new cd. The Cockmans play daily in the Edwards' household - either in the car or in our home. The whole Cockman family is such an inspiration and blessing to our family. Thanks so much for all the practice and work you put into your music. We also appreciate the genuine kindness that comes from each of you. Let me add too-Ben and Billy are fabulous teachers!!! God bless you!

Amy Parker
Concord, NC

I saw you guys for the first time tonight and thought I would come home and check out you website. I really enjoyed the performance. It was really a blessing to see the whole family up there in worship together!

Jill Lowe
Mooresville, NC

Dear Cockman Family,
As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your music last night at the Centenary UMC singing. I haven't been to the website in a while, and was pleased to see my daughter's picture still available when you came to Jones Memorial UMC in 2002. I hope to come see you at another event very soon. May God continue to bless your entire family. Sincerely Jill Lowe(Dandy Don's daughter)

Pastor Sam Spangler
Roanoke, VA

Sure did miss you at the Missionary Campmeeting at Bro. Daisley's this year. Hope to catch you in concert sometime soon. God bless you!

Gaborone, Botswana
Just wanted to say I'm ever blessed with your songs! You people are so talented! Hope one day I will be able to see you live in Africa!

Williams Family
Burnsville, NC

Heard you all for the first time at the Mt Mitchell Crafts Fair. You all were GREAT!!!! Web site was neat!

Too Rich Olson
S. Windsor, CT

I just stumbled onto this site (ouch!).
I visit the Conover, NC area fairly often and was looking for Bluegrass or Old Timey music events and/or jams. Looks like a good resource.


I got to see you all for the first time July 9th, 2005 at Sugar Grove, NC. I really enjoyed your performance. You all are very talented and I loved the music.
Hope to see you all again sometime... maybe DL&Q will invite you all back to his festival next year! :)

Lynn Hudson Nelson
Ellerbe, North Carolina

It was a disappointment missing Aunt Callie's birthday party this year. My dad, Carl Hudson, was and still is having health problems. He will be having surgery August 10. Please remember him in your prayers. If it is the Lord's will, we will see you all at the next birthday party. Dad was looking forward to seeing his aunt, uncles and cousins. May God continue to bless you all.

Roy Giles
Dear Brothers and Sisters in the LORD,
I have been asked by the LORD to disciple those incarcerated and those homeless. I have seen countless souls saved and healed by the LORD.I know that you and the members in your church, care for lost souls and know how to pray for needs. If you will agree to pray with me for the needs of inmates and the homeless, please email me at

Judy Peters
Canton , Ohio

Enjoyed your show so much in Dalton in May. I was very fortunate to be able to attend and your family is so talented and all seem to enjoy the music God gave them

Susan and Doug
Morganton, NC

We enjoyed hearing you for the second time at the Old Rock School in Valdese. We continue to be amazed at the talent in your family. Thanks for such a complete website. It's very interesting.

R. Reece
Valdese, NC

We really enjoyed your concert in Valdese Friday night. I enjoy that type of music.May God bless all your family. It is wonderful to see a family with 5 children and know that all are Christians.

mexe ngueke
libreville, gabon

i'm very happy to see you today in visiting the spoken word site!may jesus-christ the true god keep you in unity to go on and sing by divine inspiration of this end time message.

Jennifer McCrory
Graceville, FL

My husband and I saw you guys at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in Hendersonville, NC in July 2001. My husband was a student there at that time. We got two of your CDs at that time and I love them and listen to them all the time. My husband left Fruitland and now attends the Baptist College of Florida. He is the Youth Minister/Associate Pastor at East Mount Zion United Methodist in Graceville, FL. We have recently lost our first child and would appreciate your prayers. We will keep you and yours in our prayers....I was wondering what you guys were up to now and searched the web for your site. Glad to see that the family is growing and that God's kingdom is growing because of ya'll. God bless you all!

Dawn Cockman
Darwin, Northern Territory,Australia

I have stumbled upon your site by sheer accident and am facinated to read your whole family make up a gospel group. I am a born again christian myself (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and would love to hear some of your music, how do I go about it.

Vilas, NC

I forgot to add on the previous post that John and Ben played an AMAZING end of festival jam with Sam Bush's band and it was quite a treat. These fellas are absolutley amazing pickers...but even better people! Many praises to them for their super energy, kindness and spirit!!

Vilas, NC

I was floored today by the Cockman Family at the Sugar Grove(NC) Music Festival. Their harmonies are so pure and tight!! 'Old Soldiers Reunion' knocked my socks and boots off!! Praises to the Cockman Family and all of their upcoming pickers and singers!

Eva M. Martin
Winter Springs, Fl, 32708

My husband and I know about you since 1990.We spent every summer for 4 months in Asheville and attended every performance we could until 2002. Unfortunately we cannot spend our summers in N.C. anymore and we miss you. We have all your CD's exept your oldest one. Have you made any more? We will be in NC in September to visit and I hope there will be a chance to hear y'all again. Will you ever be in Central Florida?  I'll be checking your website for Sept. performances. Eva

Daylon Cross
Indian Trail, NC

Hi, family! Hope all is well for you. Just checked your site to see when and where you're singing in the very near future. We have a houseguest from India: Bro. Stephen Shinde, and he likes bluegrass! We want him to see you, hear you play, and have the pleasure of meeting you. We'll see how it works out...

Ron Laws
Lenoir, NC
John ,
Brent (Banjo) Chris (the one with the arm in a sling) Todd McCloud (bass) and I really enjoyed your fiddle playing thurs,June 30th.  Thanks for jamming with us.

Michael Burgess
Denver, NC
Just wanted to thank Ben for standing in with us at our show Saturday. He is a monster on the mandolin. Thanks buddy.

margaret kervin
fredericton, new brunswick

love gospel music

Cairo, Egypt

God Bless you. I would love to listen to songs of Worship through the net in my computer

Kelsey Gantt
Conover, North Carolinia

I love ur music, u guys were born to sing bluegrass gospel

John Tuck
Canton, OH

I heard yunz back in 1998 at Lovelady Baptist Church. Great music. Back in Ohio for a 1.5 yr and sure do miss the good Gospel pickin. Come on up to Canton, Ohio.

Bill & Bette Stump
Dunedin, Florida

Just a few words to tell you how much we have enjoyed the music of the Cockman Family at the Smoky Mountain Folk Festival for a good many years. We look forward to your singing this summer once again. We've also enjoyed the appearance of the little ones in the family! May the Lord continue to bless all of you!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Y'all are a great band, I love the Butterpats! They are so cute! Hopfully someday they will be as good as you guys!

New York, New York. USA

Its always a pleasure listening. when listening i'm taken to heavenly places up into another realm. i forget about all the troubles and cares of this world and enjoy a moment in his presences. Many times these simple songs reminds me of who i am and of his grace. thanks God bless

Baguio City, Philippines
Third Exodus Mission Church

Hi there,
i enjoyed your singing even though it's not in original tapes just took it fro mp3, i am looking forward in seeing you all someday personally.
By the way i am a fund of country gospel songs trying hard to do it also myself for the glory of God.

Dee Grunden
Kannapolis, N.C.

I love your music! i want to know when you will be in Kannapolis again? Someone gave me a tape of the band and i love it. I'am a fan of bluegrass gospel. Keep up the work it is wonderful may God Bless you all as you travel to do his will.

lloyd l cockman
houston texas

Nathan Lattimer
Maplewood , Ohio

I came acrossed your "When I pray" and "There is a Highway" albums and was blown away. I love the family aspect and the originality of your music.Your harmony is beautiful and the lead breaks on the bass is awesome. A good friend of mine was at the Doyle Lawson festival and spent alot of time talking with you guys. I believe it was to David that he requested "Victory in Jesus", I know he was really impressed. His name is Kyle Cooper after seeing you guys live he bought the latest 2 albums. I can't wait to hear them.I also play gospel bluegrass but I'm not in you guys's league. Good Luck, keep up the good work.

David Evans
Fostoria, OHIO

Your music is very beautiful and inspires me to magnify God with music. I have only heard good things about your family. To God be the Glory!

peru, puno

mandenme alabanzazpara la obra de dios

Matt Fisher
Mooresville, NC

I enjoyed hearing your album (When You Touched Me) very much, and look forward to hearing more.

Marc Cockman
Lakeland, Florida

Hello all, Debbie is my mother and I just wanted to say 'hello there'. I would also like to see you guys in action if you are ever in central Florida. Thanks again. Marc

Lundebekken St. Fagabergveien 16 A. 2624 Lillehammer. Norway, Oppland, Norway

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.God bless you richly

BannerElk, N.C

Hi John.Jr.
My husband and I really enjoyed meeting you at CoveCreek School and playing the violin for us and thank you so much for bringing my cousin Ronnie, and most of all for singing In The Sweet By And by. We hope to get to hear you and family perform together sometime.
Shirley Glenn

Debbie Cockman
Lakeland, Florida

My husband was always looking for more Cockmans. We found your web site a few years ago while living in West Palm Beach. Wonder what the relation would be, if any? We also are a Christian family, of The Church of God. Let me know if you are ever in the central Florida area.
May God Bless, Debbie Cockman

Barbara & Ed Clemmons
Shelby, North Carolina  28150

Just wanted to tell you that we saw you perform at Denton this past week-end at the Blue Grass Festival. Your music was just great! Your family was so friendly and we enjoyed your whole performace. Your music was so inspirational and meant so much to us. Thank you so much for coming to Denton. Hope to be able to come to many of your concerts.
Thanks again to all the family.

Gary and Bunny Dupree
Angier , NC 27501

We saw you last night at Denton. You truly blessed our souls! What a wonderful family! Continue to share God's love through your voices!

Amy Shearer
Hickory, NC

I love you guys so much. My dad is in the SF Fire Dept so I always go to their banquet to see you guys. There was a song that David sang this year. I think it was new. If you can remember I would like to know which one that was. Congrats on the new addition.

Jennifer Dement
Denver, NC

I attended your concert at Bethel on Sunday, I enjoyed it very much and hope to hear you again soon!

Denis Beaudry
Montréal Québec, Canada

I'm a brother in the Lord Jésus-Christ
Waiting for the weiding .
God Bless you all

saint paul, brazil

God blessed your always!

Joel Oluhambo
Kakamega, Kenya

Saw your website while going through W. Branhams website- I would love to listen to your music.

floyd yoder
hickory, nc

Got to know your Father back in the 80s when he got called for Jury duty in Newton.  I was the bailiff in charge of maintain the peace and dignity of the court. Have three of your c.d.'s that I order a few years ago. Keep on a pickin & a grinin'. Also you played at our Church, (Woodlawn Baptist in Conver) which we attended for your program.

Sandy Martin
Sherrills Ford, NC

Enjoyed the singing at Friendship Saturday night very much. The children are adorable singing "Do Lord". Just wish your segment could have been longer!!

Keith Saunders
Conover, North Carolina

Enjoyed having you folks at Friendship Methodist Church last night. The Lord has blessed your family with such wonderful gifts of musical talent. My family and I were blessed by your performance of worship! May God continue to bless you all.
Take care,

Roy (Bill) Stallings
Concord, North Carolina

Enjoyed meeting you and hearing you Saturday evening, we had a great time.
Roy (Bill)

Kay Trivette
Concord, NC

I attended the concert at A L Brown High School and enjoyed it so much. My brother also sang that night (Bill Stallings). We are a family of 1 brother and three sisters that used to sing many years ago while our parents were living. But we all really enjoyed your music and hope to get to see you again. Keep up the great work. I think it is wonderful that a family can work together and enjoy what they do for the Lord. We have a grandson at ASU (Michael Trivette) who is a Junior this year. He is into Broadcasting and has done several of the school games this past year. I hope he will be able to meet John Jr. someday. He is quite a person and reminds me of John Jr. Thanks for all you do in serving our Lord..
Kay Trivette

susan kanyuka
zomba, malawi

i am currently in Norway studying for three months and i missed my home music. i listen to your music at home on cd's. so i decided to find at fromthe willambranham website. God bless you. sister susan

gene overcash
mooresville, nc

just to let you all know we are looking forward to seeing you soon. keep up the great singing.

kadzura knowledge
Harare, Zimbabwe

i just happen to be looking for bride music and a certain brother told me of this websie . God reachily bless you for such a work

Stacie Briley
Richmond, VA

It has been 10 years since I saw you live at First Baptist Church in Rocky Mount NC back in 1996, but I have enjoyed the tape I bought, especially the song "Angels Unaware". That song has been one of my favorite songs for many years. I heard you may be coming to VA in May. I hope this is true, I would love for my family and friends to get a chance to experience your music live. Is there any way to purchase copies of the sheet music or an accompaniment track to your songs, possibly "Angels Unaware"?

hannah etta
calabar,cross river state, Nigeria

i am so thrilled by what i have seen here. please do send me some of your tapes as we hardly have what to play for the kids. my mailing address is 72 Marian road, 1837, calabar, cross river state.

joshua valeta
Ghent, Belgium

Keep the Holy Ghost fire burning!

Chasity Bowman
Harrisonburg, Va

Wow, there sure have been a lot of things happening since the last time I peeked at this site! I haven't heard you all live in years, since the last Ruth NC camp meeting I went too.
I recently married and in the moving process found some of my old Cockman Family tapes- played so much all the lettering has come off. I thought I had given them away (a friend was supposed to "borrow" them b/c she didn't have any Christian music- and well I never got the ones I lent her back!)
We only have a CD player so I was going to have to buy a tape player but you take Pay Pal! That's great! I look forward to seeing you live again some day and listening to many more great albums (I seriously need to update my collection). By the way, all of you have the cutest children and some of the most meaningful names I've ever seen!
God bless,
Chasity Bowman

Windsor, Il.

I saw your family last Christmas season on our PBS channel, and really enjoyed and felt blessed by it. I had never heard of you until then. Keep sharing the gospel through song.

Dinah A. Vannoy
Taylorsville, NC

I really enjoyed the concert at Antioch on Sunday, and John Jr., I enjoyed talking with you about Dr. Klima and Dr. Ginn. I e-mailed them this morning. What a blessing you all are! Thanks for sharing your talents.
Dinah Austin Vannoy

Sharon Brewer
Taylorsville, NC
Thank you guys so much for the wonderful concert at Antioch Baptist on Sunday night. What a blessing to see such a talented family (all the way to the little ones). May God continue to bless the family in your endeavors to serve Him through your music.

gene overcash
mooresville, north carolina

you all are a great gospel bluegrass group. we really love to hear you all when you are in our area. we attended your last concert in our area. it was wonderful and a blessing to us as always. we hope to see you at your next concert in our area
always in CHRIST,
         pam and gene overcash

Ronda Fagan
Taylorsville, NC

The first time I heard your family was in a cracker barrel in Mooresville or Mocksville on our way back from the Southern Women's Christmas show. What a blessing to listen to your family sing about our wonderful Lord! I don't normally miss attending my church, for I know it is where I am to be when the doors are open! But my aunt and uncle invited us to attend their church this night 2-27-2005. What a blessing to see the Lord work through your family! My mother and I came and we were so glad we did. Your new song about grace touched us both. And the soldier was near my heart also. May God continue to bless and enlarge your coast and keep HIS arms around your family!
Until He Comes,

cape town, south africa

May God Bless you!

Jonathan Maness
Banner Elk, NC
Hey Guys, This is your distant relative up in Boone saying hey and thanks for letting Amantha Mill borrow John for a few shows every now and then.

Athens, GA

We had the pleasure of seeing you at Merlefest in 2003, and again at the NC Mtn State Fair. I have two CDs that I adore, and they are my regular commuting companion.
Any chance of seeing you at Merlefest this year?

Judy Sweger
Mocksville, North Carolina

I have enjoyed your music for a long time. It is such a blessing!

Ed Miller
Concord, NC

I am from North Pole Alaska and I just moved down to Concord NC. I am looking for a teacher to teach me more Banjo. I hope that you can help me out with this. Have a great day.

Bud T Mc Atee
Brillion, Wi
love the song you gave Tom B. we are singing it out and it's being received well. Thanks

Marcus Jaurigue
Woodburn, Iowa

I love the music folks! God bless you all and may we meet on that heavenly shore some glad day. My favorite song so far is, Sail On! From the believers here in Iowa.

Heaven Sent
Kinston, NC
Hay Guys keep on keeping on for the Lord.

Dwayne Cox
Roanoke, VA

Enjoyed seeing you all at the Smoky Mtn. Festival at Lake Junaluska around 2000 and 2001. I'm trying hard to learn to play banjo as well as billy and was inspired to pick my banjo back up after years of gathering dust after hearing him play keep on the firing line. I wish I could find an instructor like billy here in Roanoke. Best of luck to you all in the future. P.S. I like the sound of his banjo--could he send info on what banjo he plays or his set up? Dwayne Cox

Charles Hurdle
Washington, Vermont

I was on a misson trip to Clyde, NC and also went down to Lincolnton, to Masidonia Baptist Church. I went to the benifit that you did there and greatly enjoyed the concert. I bought C D ( When You Touched Me). I play it all the time in my car. I really liked the song that one of your son's wrote, I think it was called my name is in the Book. I would like to see about singing some of your songs in our church and want to know how I could do this without infringing on your copy write. You are a very tallented family, not just in the music that you play but also in the songs that you write. I believe that as you write, you are truely guided by the Holy Spirit! May God Continually Bless your musical ministry.
All for Christ, chuck hurdle

Darren J. Carr
Waasis, Canada

Hi Bro. John,
Greetings from New Brunswick, Canada,
How are u doing these Days? Greetings to u in the name of of Lord Jesus Christ. I have been doing great these days. I have been rejoicing in the Lord. I pray for u and your family and I ask the Lord to direct u as u spread the word in song. I Love your singing and it has been a blessing to me. Keep in touch with me and write me a letter sometime because i sure could use an encouragement. I love u all and u keep singing the praises. The message is so true and we need to keep the prophets message in our lives. I have a longing in my heart to go to meet the one who died for me. Greet all the saints for us here in New Brunswick, Canada. God bless u my Precious brother. Your Bro. in
Darren Carr

Sally Getys
York, SC

When R U going to be in the SC, NC area?

Ndriamahefamanana Fanambinantsoa
Antananarivo, Madagascar

We appreciat your music and your web site. God bless you richly. We believe in all our heart that your music given rivival to the Bilievers in all the world.and your music is wonderful
Thank you.

becky mary
harare, zimbabwe

I've listened to your music and I like it.
Please maintain your originality it's great.  God bless you.

Awin Blessing
Lagos, Nigeria
Keep it up and God will bless you all

Ed Branch
Raleigh, NC

Enjoyed your PBS special again this year. Your music is beautifully done, and you all appear to be such a wholesome and godly family. I know your popularity is growing, and will continue because you are such a blessing. Don't change anything. God bless!!

Tonya Padgett
Nunnelly, Tennessee

Dear Cockman Family i can't begin to explain what your music has done for me and my husband. To me it is the BEST. I love bluegrass and the way your some of your songs are stories right out of the bible. It is really amazing. i can see how it is god in your lives, because how you could all be born with a gift from god to sing/write songs. Alot of times you just don't find that. I can really see god in it and see him working through it. So if the devil ever tries to get ya down just remember your songs are a ministry and thats why. God bless you and please never stop....I don't know what i would do without without your music....i think it was made for me.

bro.russ gianan
pasig city, philippines

contnue bieng a blessing through music god bless you

chris brown
lincolton, N.C.

hi i loved the singing at masadna church the 8th i'm only 13 an i love the LORD GOD ALL MIGHTY.

Cleo Williams
Lincolnton, NC

I have had the honor of attending two of your concerts.  Last year at Gainsville Baptist Church and last week at Macedonia Baptist Church.  I enjoyed them so much.  I've never seen so much talent in one family.  I've bought two of your C.Ds, "Keep on the Firing Line" and "When I Pray".  They are both so good. May God bless all of you.  Hope to catch another of your concerts soon!

David, Cheryl and Destiny C.
Lincolnton, NC

Hello, We love your web site. Destiny especially loves the pictures and the music samples. Her favorite songs are: That Joy was You, The Lullaby song, and of course the Barnyard song. Give her love to Sam, and the girls. See you in church or in concert. We love you all and enjoy your music. However, we are a little jealous but will get over it! Cheryl

Lori Brenchley
Cary, NC

I attended the fiddler's grove festival in 2004. I had some disturbing news just before getting there and was questioning God's reason. You were the first to come on stage and frome the very start God spoke to me through your music. I bought one of your CD's and have been truly blessed ever since.  God inhabits the praises of His people and you can feel it just listening. Thank you all for being obedient to God in your lives.

Harvey & Julia Carpenter
Mooresvile , NC

Hi folks,
Would love to have the words to the song by
Billy sung last night in Mororesville, Senior Citizens Center. I thnk the name was My Name is Written in the Book. 
This doctrine is exactly what our Church believes but is not recognized by so many churches. 
Let me know the charge and I will send you a check.
May God continue to bless,
Harvey Carpenter

Andrew Cross
Indian Trail, North Carolina

Hey ya'll I had fun down in wingate you guys are awsome keep up the good work Andy

Michelle Cockman Cogburn
Hot Springs, Arkansas

I am a Cockman, although not a member of the same family...Thought it would be interesting to look through your site and see about your family, since I haven't met a lot of people with my maiden name.. It was interesting I plan to come back...

Shel Allen
Owensboro, Ky
After five years I was finally given the opportunity to prove to my famiy how great you guys really are. The PBS Christmas program was awsome.
When you all are in Louisville this year you should take a drive west two hours and visit the IBMA museum and of course Bill Monroe's homeplace is just a stone throw away. 
In the mean time I'll continue to pray for the entire Cockman family and the journey God has planned for you :)

Diana Barbee
Boone, NC

Joe Smith
Matthews, NC

My wife and I enjoyed the Cockman family in concert for the first time last night at Wingate University. It was a real blessing. We are listening to both CDs we bought last night and we are enjoying them so much.
Thank you for ministering to us last night.
We trust that 2005 will bring all of your family rich blessings.

Sylvia Sveinson
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Keep up the great music!

Kim Wood
Ninety Six, S.C

Me & My Husband visited Maggie Valley NC a few years ago and your family was there singing. You are the best I ever heard, We purchased one of your c.d and listen to you alot. We watch your christmas show on 12/25/04, What a blessing this was to see & hear you on Christmas Day. Thank You for your wonderful music. God Bless Your Family.


Enjoyed your music on WVPT in Virginia. God bless your family, and continue to develop exceptional high quality music that can be appreciated & enjoyed by everyone. God Bless......

Matt Cross
Denver , Land of the Free, Home of the Cockmans

The Christmas Special was awesome, keep up the good work. Happy New Year to all.

Donnie Ray Smith
Granite Falls, North Carolina

We first saw y'all about eight years ago when you played a very small church just a few miles from here, here being Granite Falls. I bought one of your tapes and played it in my car until it wore slam out!
During the past eight years, I often wondered if you were still performing together. I wondered if, after all of the children had become adults, each would go their separate way.
Then yesterday, as I was flipping channels on the TV, lo and behold, there you all were on PBS doing a Christmas special! I missed the first ten minutes and it was another ten before I came to my senses and hit the record button on my VCR. I easily recognized everyone except Ben. He was just a skinny kid when we last saw him. He looks better now that he has filled out. John Jr still looks the same as does David, who is still grinning. Carolyn's voice is still as angelic as ever while Billy & Ben just keep on picking. Poor David has to stand all evening while the rest of you get to sit down. Maybe he should take up the piano!
That's all, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Christmas special on TV.
May God continue to bless you greatly.

The Geers Family
Wilmington, OH

We enjoyed your Christmas special very much! Just happened to find it on KET-TV! Beautiful music! Thank you for providing a Christ centered Christmas special!

Jon Shell
Elizabethrton, TN

I look forward to hearing you guys sometime. I've a friend who saw you on Arkansas public TV. He said that he enjoyed your music and one of you has a voice like Allison Krause! God bless in all you do.

Christine Snyder
Greenville, Ohio

I caught your show on WIPB-Muncie Indiana on Christmas evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the music and the cozy homey setting. The most wonderful thing was the message about our savior----keep up the good work.

Larry Frew
Springfield, Ohio

WE Very much enjoyed your Christmas Special.
Found it by Accident while Surfing channels. I drive a Truck for a living and Had just got in from a 700 mile drive so I could be home with my family for the last few hours of Christmas. It was a wonderful way to Un Wind. Merry christmas to all of you from our family.

Linda Jones
Ironton, Missouri
We are listening to your family for the first time,on PBS. It is refreshing to see a family working in the ministry for our blessed Lord and Saviour.Hope we will meet somewhere sometime.If you're ever in Missouri,drop us a line.

Gladys Painter
Maumelle, Ar

My husband and I heard you on PBS today for the first time. We could not believe how beautiful the music was!!!! We hope to buy some CD's. :) We have 3 girls and a boy and our hope and dream is to sing together for the Lord and bless his people. It's groups like yours that keep us hopeful . Praying that God will bless our family to bless HIS family! Keep up the GREAT work. The Painters

Annette Edwards
Canton, NC

Really enjoyed your Christmas show on PBS

jamie comer
cherryville, n.c.

just saw your christmas special on unc tv simply the best awsome job merry christmas amd a happy new year

D Knox
Concord , NC

Allison Krause and Union Station couldnt hold a candle to the Cockman Family and this no lie.
Lets face fact that they are from Illinois where this kind of bluegrass mountain picking and singing is as foreign as southern fried chicken. They have made fame and millions off copying the true originals of NC like the Cockmans or others and incredibly are being billed as the greatest ever by the media knownothings.
Cockmans like the Ricky Scaggs and Flatts and Scruggs others are born and bred in this land and grew up as true blue original artists playing the great wonderful music of their forefathers who were tied to this land in body spit and soul.
When we want the pretenders we will listen to Union Station. When we want the real deal we listen to NCs own Cockmans( or Ricky, Earl, Lester etc). You cant beat the real thing!

Wayne Stutts
Greensboro, NC

I first heard you with Arthur Smith several years ago. I fell in love with your music and am now watching your Christmas special on Christmas Day. It is just wonderfull and I am going to Walmart looking for your CD's. Merry Christmas

doug williamson
west virginia

dec 25 2005 what a blessing on pbs .great i am a promoter in logan wva . i have just had the crabb family. anyway they w willbe back with me on april 23 2005 i would like to have some information sent to me. tell me about that date and we may work out something. my prayer is god keep you all doing his great work. thanks again doug willliamson

Steve Wright
Anchorage, Alaska

you was great on TV, you Bless my family
with your singing, bless all your family

Richard Reece
Evansville, IN

Just saw your Christmas special on PBS and loved it. Simply the best! Merry Christmas!!!


God bless you and may His arms embrace you all,that where you go, you'll be a blessing to the audience,visibly and unvisibly.You're a blessing, GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH.

Gary & Jennie Galloway
Wilmington, NC

We really enjoyed the Christmas concert which we saw on UNC public television. We also have an earlier album of yours which we really enjoy (There is a Highway?). God Bless.

tecumseh, ok

I have seen your special on the 16th on pbs. My husband enjoyed it so much and were glad to see a wholesome program. God bless you all.


Looking forward from you brother in christ

Gary Freeland
Winterset, Iowa

I very much enjoyed hearing your Christmas special on Iowa Public Television. My favorite song was "Christmas Lullaby"!! God Bless your ministry!

Verne Logan
Johnston, IOWA

My wife and I had the joy of hearing your group today. We were truly blessed by your music. Thank you and may God bless you and yours.

Rick, Rita, Wedding
Owensboro, KY

Just so happen to turn the the tv to something better to watch and got to hear you guys.. Very much enjoyed your music and playing. You look like a very holliness family. Iam glad KET put you on the air. Just thought they might have a site, cause i wanted to tell you how you blessed our home. We all play and sing in church, and love to hear others spread the gospel. God Bless

Lois Gabriel
Maggie Valley, NC

Hello to the wonderful Cockman family! I had the privilege of growing up in Sherrills Ford, NC with Jane Gabriel Cockman and her future father-in-law, the Reverand Cockman was our minister, the kindest hearted man I ever met. I was and am thrilled to see the Cockman family performing and recording their fabulous music. IS IT MY IMAGINATION OR DOES CAROLINE SOUND A LOT LIKE ALISON KRAUSE? They both have that wonderful lullaby like voice that is so hauntingly addictive.
I was delighted the other night to see their PBS special regarding the holidays and rest assured, will be glued to the set when it comes on again. Jane is as beautiful as she ever was and her family is the stuff of legendary devotion to their parents and their music.
So, kudos to you Jane and for making such a wonderful marriage and success with your life. I always knew you would.
Love, Lois Gabriel now living in Maggie Valley, NC
Thanks so much!

Shirley Wildman
Lake Wales, Florida

I heard your song, deep settled peace in my heart. I love it, asked the Christian book store to no avail. Found out your last name and took a chance of putting it in online and found you. I must have this song. God bless.

richard hunsucker
asheboro, NC

I enjoy your music and your programs. God bless you!!!

Michael G. Murray
Norfolk, Virginia

Just viewed your UNC Christmas show (12/16/04) ... it was truly wonderful and majestic in the simplicity and beauty of the songs and music. The family setting was heart warming and is without a doubt a special gift that the rest of us can only dream of.
Please let me know if you have a CD of these or similar gospel songs (or any of your music) that I can purchase.
Best regards and peace on earth to all,

Rev. Leonard Doucette
Durham, NC

Enjoyed your "Family Christmas." What a talented family! Thanks for sharing your musical gifts.

Sondra Cullipher
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Your family is a real blessing. I stumbled on your Christmas special on UNC TV, so glad I found yall.God bless & keep all of you.

Ester Palermo

Pace sono una sorella di Palermo, ho visitato il vostro sito e trovo che sia molto interessante. Belli i cantici, e complimenti per la vostra bella famiglia!! God bless you!! Peace.

dave cockman
exmouth devon, england

Hi all came across your web site would like to know more.  As you can see from my name we have a common intrest, bye for now dave cockman

Dean Covington
Wilmington, NC

Got to see you folks for the first time last night at Lake Junaluska. You were great! My wife and I really enjoyed your concert and look forward to seeing you again some time soon.

Beatrice Thomas
Wellington, New Zealand

Thanks a lot for the CDs. They arrived safe and sound a couple of days ago and we are really enjoying them. (Just a few cracked CD cases, that's all).  Would it breach copyright to send some of your CDs to our Christian National Radio station, Radio Rhema, for them to play your songs?

Chris Garrett
Murfreesboro, TN

It's been a long time since we've seen ya'll. I hope everybody is doing good. We still listen to the CD's often. Hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless
Chris, Carrie and Mason Garrett

Kevin Ward
Maiden, NC

Just wanted to say thanks for all John Cockman Sr has done for me at Maiden High and congrats to the whole family on another great year with the Christmas program going national. Keep writing and worship the great gospel.

Jotham Chiwenga
Harare, Zimbabwe
I like praise and worship. When I discovered the messagelinks website, I was so happy such that I found you listed but has difficulties getting songs onto my PC

William M. Murrow
Charleston, South Carolina

Rev. Willard Everitt
Weedsport, New York

We enjoyed your presentation on Public Broadcasting WCNY out of Syracuse , NY.God bless you in your ministry. We would love to know if you ever come to the Central New York area.

Judith Everitt
Weedsport, NY

We were introduced to you by the fundraiser on our local PBS cable station. We loved your "low-key" approach and your clear Gospel message! Thanks for a program we really enjoyed! In His Service, Judith Everitt

Robert Billings
Stanley, NC

I saw the show (12/3/04) at Stowe Gardens. Great performance!! 

Surrey, Canada

George W Kelly
puyallup, wa

A friend of my let me borrow a C.D. of yours I realy liked what I heard. and by the manner of dress it seams that you are belevers of holyness

Voices of Peace
Potter, Wisconsin
Love your web site and your music. I'm looking to download your song A Deep Settled Peace. Just can not do it. Our group is looking for new songs and we really love the song.  Please check out our web site. and let us know what you think. Also check out our VOP Gospel Music Fest in 2005. Please let us know about the song. In His Service, Tom Balliew ( VOP )


I was at Sandhills Assembly,Southern Pines,11/21/04.thats my home church.I wanted you know I relly enjoyed the music,I also have 4 sons,and 1 daugther,10 grandchildren,and 4 great grandchildren, there will be 32 with me for thanksgiving!! May God bless you and family with a blessed Thanksgiving

Indian Trail, The state of confusion


Mark A Moss
Elon, N C

Bob Porter
Houston, Texas

Praise the Lord for the good news for Ben and Jessie. The Lord works in many ways we fail to understand. Love the Christmas DVD I received. Seen it twice so far.

Holly Baker
Springville, Indiana

Praying for Ben's sight!!! My dad has one eye, and his good eye has a lot of problems. I can really empathize with you on this and hopefully pray more desperately!!!

Brandy Stanley
Ramseur, North Carolina

Praying that GOD will restore Ben's sight. Only Believe. Romans 8:28!!! 

Ron Frankl

My thoughts and prayers are with Ben and the entire family.

Maura Thompson
Asheville, NC
Sorry I wrote twice already but I heard about Caroline's baby!! How old is she now! When are you going to get more pictures of her? She is very cute! You guys are great and I love your songs!! Christ's love, Maura

Maura Thompson
Asheville, NC, North Carolina

I love your playing! I go to shindig every saturday and I love hearing you play! Samuel is so cute playing his guitar!

Beatrice Thomas
Wellington, New Zealand

Hi there!
We really enjoy your music. I would like to order some CDs and wondered how much you charge for postage and packaging to send to NZ.
Thanks and God bless you abundantly

Joseph Canada
Gainesville, GA

I've enojoy your music, and ministry, great website.. God Bless you..
visit us..

Shirley Ludwick
Salisbury, NC

Heard you at the Relay for Life concert in Salisbury. Really enjoyed your music.
May God continue to bless your family.



October 25, 2004
Maryjoy delligos
Manila, Philippines

Bleesed be the name of the Lord Who hath bless us in spiritual blessings..
Hi,your website is interesting and awesome!!  Its such a nice way that whatever talents do we have must should offer to the Lord..  God bless you in everything you do!

Conover, NC, USA

Congratulations on the addition of Jeremiah Bryan to the family! He's a real cutie! Sharon, a special CONGRATS to you as a new Grandma! Hugs, Susan (Loria's Mom)

Rache Shepherd
Salisbury, NC

We enjoyed your show at the relay for life
last Sat.night. How is Caroline and has she given birth yet. Please advise. Hope and pray all is well. God Bless............
Rachel Shepherd

Alex Cockman
Pittsboro, NC

Hi! Your music makes me smile all the while remembering a simpler time. Thanks.

Roland L Cockman
Reeds, Mo.

arol Culler
Seagrove, NC

Saw the Cockman Family on Saturday night and loved you all  cannot wait to see you all again. Keep up the work for the Lord and God Bless you all.

Brenda Cassady
Robbins, NC, NC

I saw the Cockman Family for the first time Saturday night at Catawba.  They are awesome.  I love bluegrass!  A family truly blessed by God in their musical talents.  I enjoyed them a great deal and hope to see them again soon!  Best of luck to Caroline as the "due" data approaches.

Freeman Joe Gao-ay
davao city , phillipines

greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  i always pray that God will give us a good health all the time.  you know brother/sister i really love end-time music. i have my tape collections of brother donny reagan, the lafontaine etc,  and i will pray that i can have your songs too, if God's will.. why not:)
God Bless You.

Betty Cockman McColm
Southaven, Mississippi

My sister sent me this site. It is always good to find family. My brother and I visited the Carolinas a few years back and visited the Cockman cemetery.

Shea Babb
Elizabethton , Tennessee

Congratulations to Billy & Jamie . I miss seeing you guys since I moved from Bro. Reagans . But i always check the website to see what's happening . I hope all is well with each of you . May God Bless & keep you .

Beverly (Cockman) Terrill
Grain Valley, MO
Came across your name when looking at the singing news website so just had to write since we might be related. I'm not much into family trees but have sent the info on to my brother and sister who are.

Johnny and Rebecca Fisher
Mesa , Arizona

Dear Cockmans,
As Message believers our family really enjoys your music. What is especially a blessing is how you put God's Word into your songs. We would love to see you out here in Arizona in concert!

Bob Porter
Houston, Texas

Saw your announcement in Singing News web page and am anxious to see the DVD.  Have never heard you before but love blue grass and this sounds like my kind of a DVD.

Lyndon L Mills
Gastonia, NC

Hey guys,
I never fail to get a thrill and a blessing whenever I hear you all play and sing...You all do a remarkable job Playing your chosen instrument...Truly Professional...I know of no one or group who I love to watch and hear than the Cockman family...God has truly blessed you all will a bucketload of talent...every single (and married)one of you...Your good wholesome entertainment goes beyond the scope of regular entertainment to a much higher level...when listening to your fabulous instrumentals, it can bring tears of joy to my eyes, you know you are doing the right thing...God bless in everything you do...My prayers are always with you... Thanks for doing what you do in such a marvelous way...

Linda Parker
Gastonia, NC

I got a blessing today from yall while at Cotton Ginning Day in Dallas.  Look forward to seeing you again next year.  Please let us know when Caroline has her baby and if the other baby has arrived yet.  Got bless each of you.

Kristiansand, Norway

Hello! Are only Americans allowed to sign this site? <grin> How 'bout a N/A for 'state or province' for the foreigners? Never been at a concert. I'm from Norway. Have heard several songs though. I like it

Heavensent Ministries
Kiston, NC


Clement Kalanje
Lilongwe (Malawi),

I got your CD from a fellow believer and I am enjoying it.
May God bless every effort you are doing towards your singin ministry.

Brice Marie Voetberg
Chehalis, WA
Hello! I was so excited to find your website! We have a family band, but we are all still pretty young and are still learning and figuring out how we want to go about things. I would love to be able to talk with you guys about how is has been.  Kind Regards and God bless you all.

Barry Shaw
Maiden, NC

We really enjoyed the Christmas special. Glad to here that it is going nationwide!! May God continue to bless your family.

Nancy Lee Lilly
Staetsville, NC

September 29, 2004
It never ceases to amaze me how talented the Cockman Family is!  I don't have enough room to express my thoughts about each of you so I shall say, You're WONDERFUL!  Keep up the good work!

Andy Helms
Maiden, NC

You all did a great job playing out at Murray's Mill. The Christmas Special was just as good. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

Fly on the wall
Charlotte, NC

Who Are You? I am.....John? ,:)
Sing it bro. Ben
Good Concert ya'll

Joyce Kiboma
Dar Es Salaam,

I would like to listen your songs

Brenda Morgan-Goble
Sherrills ford, NC

I first heard you perform at the benefit concert at Mt. Pleasant Church. You were wonderful. Thank you for praising God in all that you do!

Tiffany Archer
Maiden, NC

I like ya'lls singing, ya'll were at my church Sunday, I go to Center View Baptist Church. I love ya'lls singing, I enjoyed it alot.

Cyndi Lisk
Maiden, NC

Just wanted to say that once again your family and your music is a blessing. We have seen you several times and saw you again last night at the Tent Revival at Center View. I do have a question....I understand that Billy teaches banjo lessons and we have a 5 year old soon to be 6, son who has talked about wanting to there a way I can contact him to discuss? Thanks again for your inspirational music. Your family truly demonstrates the word family.

Becky Jones
Sherrills Ford, NC

You guys are wonderful. We first saw you at Denver Baptist Church a couple years ago for our homecoming. Went to Centerview Baptist tonight (9-12) for the tent revival. One of my boys went to school with Caroline, another boy and his wife went to school with another boy - they are 27-28 - this same boy new your son at appalachain. Just wanted to tell you my family thinks you guys are the best - we truly love your music. Keep on spreading the love of God through your awesome music. Becky Jones

Star Gregory
Kannapolis, NC

Saw you on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2004 at First Wesleyan Church, for our Homecoming. You are truly blessed and as far as a group of gospel singers, I have not heard any others as good as you. And I have heard alot of them. God Bless all your family. You told of your website at the concert.

Sharlene Smith
Sherrills Ford, NC
I attended the benefit at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church. It was the first time I had seen you in person. God gave all of you awesome talents and what a blessing it is to see you glorify HIS holy name with your music. I'll be going to Maiden on Sunday to see you again.

birmingham, AL

I want to meet yall.Yall look very nice.bye

Marvin Andrews Jr.
Hamptonville, NC

Looking forward to playing with you guys at boanock school. See you there.

Charlotte & Harry O'Rear
Waynesville, NC

Hi John,Jr.,
We enjoyed the performances, both nights of the Smoky Mtn. Folk Festival this past weekend. The Cockman Family is always our favorite and we have all your CD's and now your DVD. We would like to get on your list for your newsletter.

norman ryan
Americus, GA

message for john sr. and entire family..really enjoyed your junaluska performance...God bless you all...john sr.; hope things are going well for you and the mrs. call me if your in the americus area...

hey ya'll hope all is well

Michael Cockman
Portsmouth, VA

Judy Barba
League City, TX

Where can I purchase your music?!

Charla Weiser
Ferny Creek, Vic.  Australia, NC

I really enjoy your music.  You all are very gifted!  I am from Swannanoa, NC but have been in Australia since 1991 when I got married.  I found your site on a Bluegrass Magazine link (I forget which one) over a year ago. Keep up the great music!

Rose Sullivan
Selma, NC

I attended your Aug. 14 concert at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Boone with my parents, Ruth & Wilbert Hill and my sister, Debbie Flowers and her husband, Larry. We really did enjoy the music and the gospel you presented in each song. I have a 45 minute commute to work each day and I always listen to your CD's and tapes. You will never know just how much your music blesses me every day. Your wonderful family values shine like a beacon. My favorite song is "In the Secret of Your Presence".  Thanks for singing it for me, Billy! God bless you all!

Kathy &Dick Roberts
Weaverville, NC

We enjoyed seeing your growing family at the Shindig on the Green & the MTN. Dance and Folk Festival in Asheville recently. We especially enjoyed the next generation of Cockman's. Thank you for passing on your God given gifts to your little ones. Can't wait to meet the next three on line over the next few months. May God continue to bless  your families and music. Sincerely Dick, Margret and niece Kathy Roberts in Weaverville NC

Mary Elizabeth Stith
Greensboro/Lake Junaluska, NC
I heard you guys years ago at a United Methodist district meeting.  You were very young and much shorter!  We went in the sanctuary very reluctantly to hear you and were blown away!!  We have kept up with you and I was responsible for having you give a concert at our church when my husband was minister at First United Methodist Church in Hendersonville, NC.  I especially appreciate your performing at Smoky Mountain Festival at Lake Junaluska.  Blessings to you all and your growing family.


Nancy Lilly
I want you to know that I have been watching this family for a long long time and am very pleased to say, "What a Great Family and What Great Talent" You are SUPER! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! God's continued blessings on all of you.

Damien Eckes
Hello there, your family has a beautiful sound and I am so thankful to God that you are all here on this Earth. You're truly a gift from God. God bless and be safe!

Diane, Mike and Mary Trinque
Hey there.  Your family inspires us every time we hear them.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us.  God Bless you and keep you all. 

Margie Swann
My sister goes to the FBC in Asheville and told me what a wonderful concert you did for them.  Are you coming to McDowell County any time?

July 27, 2004
Paul Oliver
May God continue to Bless your music ministry as it continues to Bless many bros & sisters who appreciate Good Bluegrass Gospel music. Y'all very talented & Keep up the good Work. God Bless you!

Joyce Vaughan Byars
I was delighted my Church, First Baptist of Asheville had you folks as part of our 175th Year Concert Celebration. I was honored to have seen your Christmas Special in my first year living here in Asheville this Christmas past (moving up from Greenville, SC end of last summer). I met you, Caroline, in the hallway this evening while Billy Jackson was performing, and mentioned I had seen the "Special" and I hoped it would be on again...delighted to hear that it will...that is such wholesome entertainment. Brings back some of the good ole' days!!! It is good to know that I have such fine brothers and sisters in Christ and I look forward to more of your musical evangelism in the future.
Love in Christ,
Joyce Vaughan Byars

Andrew Cross
Howdy Ya'll I like Your Website its Great Keep up the Good Gospel Bluegrass Music
God Bless Ya

Amazing what you can find on the internet. Winners are grinners

Holly Baker
Just wanted to compliment you on your awesome music.  I have two of your CD's and one of your tapes, and they have been a blessing!  I think you do a great job of sticking with the message of the hour, and you present it well.  From one musician to another (I play the upright bass and sing in my family's gospel group) I must say that your instrumentation is outstanding- top of the line.  Your harmonies are well done, and Caroline has a great voice for the bluegrass gospel sound.  (Good range, too.)  It's awesome that you are writing your own music because not everybody can write a song with inspiring lyrics and an amazing tune.  My favorite song is "How Can Two Walk Together."  The words are meaningful and not just thrown together to rhyme.  The tune is an awesome, catchy toe-tapper!  I give you guys 5 stars!

Miriam Williams
Attended Doc Watson Musicfest. Enjoyed your family so much. Everytime we see you always great show.Think your father mentioned your website so checked it out. Very neat website. Found Ralph and myself on 1 of your pictures made at the musicfest.

Matt Cross
Canadian Blues Protégé Matt Cross here to say the site is great, keep up the good work.

John Cockman, Jr.
Boone, NC

Welcome to the Cockman Family Guest Book!  I'd like to be the first to sign our book, and to formally welcome you to this area of our site.  I know that your messages will be a blessing and an inspiration to us.  Thank you!  John Cockman, Jr.